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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The University of Dayton’s health and safety staff are responsible for administering the University’s environmental, health and safety programs.  This unit supports the University's core mission by guarding the safety of, and reducing the risk to, the University community.  The staff is responsible for actively implementing preventative education, responding to ongoing needs and thoroughly monitoring conditions that might interfere with the health and well-being of the campus community.  The unit emphasizes that health and safety, loss prevention and environmental protection must be foremost on the minds of all those who call on or serve the University.

Prevention of health & safety injuries and illness, loss control and environmental protection are at the core of the mission of the Environmental Health & Safety Office.  Our department's core values include recognizing that:

  • All students, faculty, staff and visitors have a right to a healthy and safe environment
  • Active collaboration and open communication are essential components of a healthy and safe environment
  • In order to reduce the University’s impact on the environment, proper management of hazardous materials and best practices in recycling and reduction in emissions is essential.

Audit, Risk & Compliance

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