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Law Financial Aid Award

What You Need to Know

A number of factors, such as Dayton Law processes, our SAP review (returning students) and having FAFSA results on file, impact the timing of financial aid awarding. While there may be some variation based on those factors, the Office of Financial Aid tries to adhere to the following award notification schedule:

  • Incoming summer students: mid-March
  • Incoming fall students: mid-April
  • Returning students: mid-June

All students will receive an email notification to guide you through the steps to view and accept your awards. If we receive your FAFSA results after we begin awarding, you can generally expect to receive your financial aid award within 7-10 business days.

Adjustments to Aid

Per federal regulations, financial aid awards may be adjusted throughout the school year as changes occur in your enrollment status, academic standing or in the program eligibility itself. If your aid is adjusted you will be notified via email.

Enrollment Status Change

If you need to drop below the registration hours we based your loan eligibility on during the semester, we encourage you to first speak with a financial aid counselor. At that time we will also review with you the potential impact dropping courses may have on your financial aid for the following year.


If you withdraw from your courses, either officially or unofficially, we will have to perform a 'Return to Title IV' aid calculation.