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Sensor Test and Evaluation

Resolution analyst at work at UDRI's Sensor Test and Evaluation Laboratory.

Ensuring Accurate Sensor Implementation and Performance

UDRI’s Sensor Test and Evaluation researchers provide third-party assessment of commercial electro-optical (EO), infrared (IR), and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) sensor systems in the context of specific customer needs. We primarily provide aerial and ground imaging subject matter expertise to support sensor technology evaluation, sensor acquisition, implementation, and data analysis activities.

Our experienced engineers, scientists, and technicians perform laboratory, field, and flight test activities with end-to-end planning, coordination, and execution. Additionally, we design, fabricate, and deploy custom instrumentation, test fixtures, and targets to support our clients’ evaluation requirements.

Our assessment goes beyond evaluating the technical specifications of the sensor.  We assess the human factors impact on operators and data end users as well as ease of maintenance and data processing and management. This breadth of capabilities leads to recommendations that help the customer better understand the organizational end-to-end cost and impact before bringing a sensor system online.

Whether it be evaluating specifications, developing new workflow processes for sensor upgrades, or understanding the complexities of commercial sensors for military applications, we have the expertise to enable informed decisions.

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Top: Resolution analysis underway at UDRI's Sensor Test and Evaluation laboratory.


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