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Open Architectures and Prototyping for ISR Deployment

AgilePod. Photo courtesy US Air Force.

Developing Open Architectures for Rapid ISR Integration

UDRI’s Open Architectures and Prototyping for ISR Deployment (RAPID) researchers apply agile software engineering principles to rapidly develop Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions for our customers. We integrate a wide range of Government and Industry standards to promote interoperability among mission systems, payloads, and platforms as we build, deploy, and maintaining multi-sensor / multi-mission systems in support of our nation’s defense.


  • Expertise in emerging industry / government open architecture standards and initiatives
  • Third-party hardware / software integration, testing, and evaluation
  • Multi-INT processing, data management, and exploitation
  • System integration laboratory (SIL) maintenance and testing support
  • Systems and software engineering, development, and maintenance
  • Developmental flight testing and operational demonstration support

Our RAPID researchers provide end-to-end system integration expertise, from requirements to developmental flight testing to operational demonstration. We specialize in providing third-party evaluation and integration of commercial and government off-the-shelf (COTS/GOTS) solutions; developing software packages that support standardized command and control, data formatting, data transmission, and layered data visualization.

One of our current projects involves the AgilePod™ (shown above), a multi-intelligence, open architecture, flight-line reconfigurable pod designed to contain diverse sensor communication packages for a mission. UDRI RAPID researchers conduct integration and testing of Open Mission Systems (OMS) within the AgilePod and support the integration of sensors into the pod.

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Top: AgilePod. Photo courtesy US Air Force.


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