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Virtual and Augmented Reality

UDRI researcher working with virtual reality imagery

Redefining how Reality is Seen and Applied

Virtual reality (VR) is "a realistic and immersive simulation of a three-dimensional environment created using interactive software and hardware, and experienced or controlled by movement of the body," whereas augmented reality (AR) is "an enhanced image or environment as viewed on a screen or other display, produced by overlaying computer-generated images, sounds, or other data on a real-world environment" or "a system or technology used to produce such an environment." *

UDRI researchers develop both VR and AR technologies for practical application and real world problem solving. Recently, our researchers developed an AR technology to project digital information onto the real world by integrating off-the-shelf 2D laser projectors and 3D Laser Imaging, Detection, and Ranging (LIDAR) sensors. This technology dynamically maps synthetic data onto real environments. Future phases will allow a flashlight-like system to reveal digital objects in the real world, in real time, wherever the “flashlight” is pointed. One application of this AR technology projects digital information over real world environments to enable visual verification of the placement and alignment of objects. This technology has direct practical application in training, inspection, construction, manufacturing, and a range of other sectors.

In another research effort, UDRI researchers conceived and developed a radar technology that tracks and provides visual reference of first responders as they move and work in complex and potentially dangerous environments. This technology helps keep responders safe and allows incident commanders to better direct overall response efforts, thus more effectively saving lives and property.

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