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What Leads Us

During the fall 2019 semester the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life decided to reimagine the mission, vision, and values as a way to better focus the office on what is important.


The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life is committed to building a community of fraternal organizations prepared to advance the fraternal movement on campus and within the greater University of Dayton and City of Dayton communities. We acknowledge the histories, experiences, cultures, and rituals of our chapters and their membership, and provide space to further their legacies - thereby respecting the dignity of every person. Through personal and professional coaching, we cultivate leaders who are accountable and able to advocate for themselves and those they serve through self-governance. The Office priorities the health and well-being of our students while crafting innovative opportunities for students to become productive global citizens.


To promote greater citizens for social change, foster impactful relationships and strive for community excellence.


We strive for excellence in scholarship. Our sororities and fraternities understand that the reason they are at the University of Dayton is ultimately to get an education; that degree they are proud to hang on their wall. Our chapters utilize several methods to ensure that goal is met, including: study hours, academic mentors, scholarships, awards for academic achievement, and other programming to enhance their members' academic performance. As a result of these efforts, most chapters have a grade point average above the all men's and all women's GPA. Our members are also more likely than their unaffiliated peers to retain between their first and second years of college, as well as graduate on time.

We strive for excellence in leadership. We believe that sororities and fraternities are the premier leadership experience on a college campus. Our chapters are all self-governing, with the help of advisory teams. Being in one of our organizations can give students a plethora of experiences that will prepare them for life after college. Whether planning a philanthropic event or managing a budget or even conducting a chapter’s recruitment/intake process, you can find all sorts of opportunities to challenge your skills in a sorority or fraternity.. If one is lucky enough to fully embrace their leadership journey, they may find themselves on one of our four governing councils or, maybe one day, in their regional or national leadership of their Inter/National organizations. We also value leadership outside of our chapters. Most members of our community are also involved in other clubs and organizations sponsored by their academic department, Campus Recreation, or Center for Student Involvement.

We strive for excellence in civic engagement. It is important that our members know the difference between service and philanthropy. Whether it’s our time, talent, or treasure that we choose to share with others, giving back to our UD community, the Greater Dayton community, and the dozens of national philanthropic organizations that our chapters’ Inter/National organizations hold dear to them is a paramount part of the sorority/fraternity experience.

We strive for excellence in integrity. Embracing honesty, recruiting members of high moral character, and being upstanding citizens of our UD community is the backbone of our sorority and fraternity community. It is critical to the success of our organizations that all of our members live our personal, organizational, and community values. When all of these things are aligned and executed in our deeds, not just our words, we can truly make a difference at UD.

We strive for excellence in social justice. Our community recognizes that some of our organizations were born out of a desire for exclusivity, and that others had to be created to challenge that exclusivity. We believe that the values of our organizations lead us to the undeniable fact that we need to use our privilege to help others who have less than us, or who face discrimination in all of its forms. While our organizations can be far from perfect in this realm, we continue to educate ourselves, listen from our peers, and are ever mindful of our obligation to the University of Dayton, to work for “the dignity of all people.” We will continue to acknowledge the histories, experiences, cultures, and rituals of our chapters and their membership, and provide space to further their legacies.

We strive for excellence in accountability. The health and wellbeing of our sorority and fraternity community’s members and chapters is crucial to our work. We are fervent in creating environments where our members are safe and can be successful both in college and beyond. We educate our members on topics related to managing risk in their chapters including the awareness and prevention hazing, alcohol use/misuse, sexual violence, mental health, discrimination, and the general well being of all students. Working with our colleagues in Student Development, we hold our chapters accountable to the set of standards that the University of Dayton and their own Inter/National organizations have charged them with upholding.

We strive for excellence in friendship. At the end of the day, people join sororities and fraternities for friendship; what we call sisterhood or brotherhood. Sorority/Fraternity membership can help make the transition to college life easier and more enjoyable for students. Our organizations offer a support system to students through its close friendships and opportunities for involvement. Lifelong friendships flourish within our chapters and can be the most valuable part of one’s undergraduate career. We commonly say, “it’s not four years, it’s for life.” A member of our sorority/fraternity community is someone who will encourage you to succeed, support you when things are going well, and listen when you are having problems--offering unconditional support. At the heart of these friendships and interactions are the rituals that define each organization. Although each fraternity and sorority has different founding values, these strong basic beliefs have long been a part of college communities across the United States and Canada, and are key contributors to the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood that over seven million members have enjoyed.


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