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Institutional Learning Goals

Habits of Inquiry and Reflection

Institutional Learning Goals

The University of Dayton's seven institutional learning goals (ILGs) are the hallmark of an undergraduate education. 

Students’ learning around each of these seven ILGs is pursued through different structures and activities, such as coursework in their majors, the Common Academic Program, co-curricular programming, and learning experiences outside the formal curriculum. 

Given the scope of learning sought, students take courses that address these ILGs at the introductory, expanded, and advanced levels.

For the Common Good

7 Integrated Goals

Scholarship, Faith Traditions, Diversity, Community, Practical Wisdom, Critical Evaluation of Our Times, and Vocation.

1 Mission in Motion

Developing a critical mind and a compassionate heart.

ILGs Developmental Levels

As faculty are developing, or re-developing, courses, they are encouraged to think about the following guidance as it relates to the developmental levels of the ILGs:

  • The developmental levels correspond to the learning goals at the completion of the course rather than the learning that students bring to the course.
  • Different developmental levels may make sense for different ILGs in the same course.
  • Largely assume no prior knowledge in a particular area
  • Learning is not built on past coursework and/or knowledge
  • Focus is on understanding, describing, recalling, explaining, identifying

  • Learning could be building on past coursework and/or knowledge
  • Some assumption of prior knowledge, though reactivation of that knowledge may be necessary
  • Focus is on analyzing, practicing, developing, demonstrating, distinguishing

  • Learning is often built extensively on past coursework and/or knowledge
  • Focus is on evaluating, generalizing, synthesizing, assembling, formulating, advocating