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Vocation Mini-Grants

Applying for A Vocation Mini-Grant

The Vocation Implementation Team invites students, faculty, and staff to apply for mini-grants up to $1,000 to support the design and development of programs, activities, and events both inside and beyond the classroom that offer students opportunities to explore, discern and act on their vocations. Funding for mini-grants is made possible through a NetVUE Vocation across the Academy Grant with support by the Council of Independent Colleges and Lilly Endowment Inc.

Proposals will be accepted until Friday, September 24, 2021 for Fall 2021/Spring 2022 vocation programs, events, or activities. For more information and to apply, please see the Vocation Mini Grants RFP

Awards: 2020-2021


Lis Regula, Jacob Cress, Patrick Thomas, Anthony Rodriguez

Diversity Peer Educators

Megan Woolf

Propelling a Purpose-Driven Early Launch

Brad Balser

Vocation and Black & Latinx Art and Philosophy

Ernesto Velasquez, Sam Ortiz, Julio Quintero, Judith Huacuja

Engineering an Impact: An Exploration of Vocational Journeys

Julieta Phillips

Exploring the Vocation of an Intervention Specialist

Catherine Lawless Frank, Connie Mathes

Perspectives and Practices for the Art Education Professional

Darden Bradshaw

Discerning Your Vocation (Time and Time Again)

Daniela Canas Baena

The Journey to Vowed Religious Life

Sr. Nicole Trahan and Mike Bennett

Vocation and Discernment Dinners

Colleen Brown

How Should A Person Be?

David Fine

Vocation in the Library

Henry Handley, Diane Osman, and Amy Rohmiller

CLAY: BODY Exhibiting Artist Student Conversations

Geno Luketic

Discerning Vocation as a Student Library Employee

Kristina Schulz, Heidi Gauder and Katy Kelly

Sociology Student Retreat

Laura Leming, Anya Galli Robertson

Art and Real Life

Ashley Jonas

Success Steps in MEC

Merida Allen and Cynthia Payne

PEERS Program

Merida Allen and Sam Ortiz

Spiritual Direction for Religious Vocations

Father Ted Cassidy


Vocation Implementation Team

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Dayton, Ohio 45469

Institutional Learning Goals

The seven institutional learning goals are the hallmark of our undergraduate education. Students’ learning around each of these seven ILGs is pursued through different structures and activities, such as coursework in their majors, the Common Academic Program, co-curricular programming, and learning experiences outside the formal curriculum.