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Now Available: Issue 72

By Sarah B. Cahalan

We are pleased to share the 2022 issue of the Marian Library Newsletter. Inside this brand-new issue you will find engaging stories that focus on recent developments and efforts in the Marian Library — conservation and preservation, collection development, and creative outreach. The purpose of this newsletter is to give you, the reader, a deeper connection with the Marian Library and a better understanding of its work since its founding in 1943 by the Society of Mary.

Interested in reading previous newsletters? We invite you to browse them all in eCommons.

— Sarah B. Cahalan is an associate professor, director of the Marian Library and editor of the Marian Library Newsletter.

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Resident scholar Liz Hutter reflects on her fellowship in the Marian Library, her research on theraputic and spiritual healing in Lourdes, and how it all led to an experiential learning opportunity for her first-year writing students.

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Catholic theologian Vincent Miller explores the history of "fools," a class of courtly entertainers, political needlers and traveling monastics on which the Juggler figure is based.

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