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Deck the Christmas Tree with the Nativity

By Michele Devitt, Curatorial Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

The Marian Library has a wonderful collection of Nativity ornaments as part of its crèche collection. Two years ago, the ornaments were divided into 18 smaller groupings that could be borrowed by campus offices and off campus venues. Volunteers sorted them into three categories: angels, Nativities, and Marian. These ornaments came to us from countries all over the world. They are made of wood, clay, metal, and natural materials — even bread dough! Some are very colorful while others are in the natural state of their material. Many are so tiny that it is amazing that an artist or craftsperson could work in such small scale. Each has a story and is unique in its beauty. People are impressed with the many ways the Nativity, our cherished story of the Incarnation, has been preserved in these beautiful ornaments.

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