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Live from the University of Dayton

By Kayla Harris, Librarian/Archivist

With headsets on, gathered around a small table on the 7th floor of Roesch Library, students Jillian Foster (‘18) and Corinne Woodruff (‘19) test their voices in the microphone during a sound check. “You’re loud and clear” the producer assures them as they take a deep breath before their first live radio experience.

The undergraduate students joined Assistant Professor Neomi DeAnda from Religious Studies, Archivist Kayla Harris from the Marian Library, and host Michael Duricy from the International Marian Research Institute on the "Marian Studies and Spirituality" program on Radio Maria. The panel for this program on May 3, 2018, focused on the students’ experience with a cross-disciplinary project, Mary of the Americas. Students from DeAnda’s Latina/Latino Religious Experience course (REL 322), including Jillian and Corinne, researched devotions and titles of Mary specific to the Americas. The project also involved University of Dayton engineering students through the Center for Innovation, who created an app that will be formally launched this fall.

Foster said, “Being a guest on Radio Maria was a lot of fun. It went by a lot faster than I was expecting and it was easy because we were just having a conversation. It also gave me a chance to share what I researched at the beginning of the semester.”

More details about the project can be found on the project’s website, an explanatory blogpost, and the entire Radio Maria episode can be streamed from the Radio Maria archives.

View the upcoming schedule of the "Marian Spirituality and Studies" program on our website.
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