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In the News: Posted June 9, 2015

By Michael Duricy

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Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute Features


The Marian Library is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new archival collection. The John Stokes and Mary's Gardens Collection was donated to the Marian Library in 2013 by the late John Stokes, Jr., and family. The collection has recently been processed and made available for research. The Marian Library is excited to provide access to this rich collection that includes the personal papers and research of John S. Stokes, Jr., and the records of his organization, Mary's Gardens.

For a full description of this collection, see the Guide to the John Stokes and Mary's Gardens collection on eCommons, the institutional repository for the University of Dayton.

Additionally, several photographs and documents from the collection have been digitized and are also available on eCommons at


Mary in Books, Films, and Music

En Route Books & Media is pleased to announce the release of Refractions of Light: 201 Answers on Apparitions, Visions and the Catholic Church. Written by Kevin J. Symonds of Waco, Texas, Refractions of Light offers a comprehensive look at the theology of the Catholic Church on private revelation. 201 questions and answers are devoted to this task, combined with appendices with never before seen English translations of key documents on the subject. These are followed by extensive citations and further commentary in endnotes.

"In our time," writes Father Cassian Folsom, O.S.B., former consultor to the Congregation for Divine Worship, "when claims to private revelation abound, Kevin Symonds' presentation of the Church's teaching in this area is refreshing and clear. Official documents are translated and presented in the appendix. A helpful introduction to the topic."

The book is now available from Amazon. Click here to purchase copies.


From the Marian Treasure Chest

Three O'Clock Prayer by Brother John M. Samaha, S.M.

Lord Jesus,

we gather in spirit at the foot of the cross

with your mother and the disciple whom you loved.

We ask your pardon for our sins

which are the cause of your death..

We thank you for remembering us

in that hour of salvation

and for having given us Mary as our mother.

Holy Virgin, take us under your protection

and open us to the action of the Holy Spirit.

Saint John, obtain for us

the grace of taking Mary into our lives as you did,

and of assisting her in her mission.  Amen.

May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit

be glorified in all places

through the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Father Jean-Baptiste Armbruster, S.M., offered these comments to help us appreciate more this revered prayer recited daily by Marianists, their  students, and their associates.

  • "your mother and the disciple" indicate greater fidelity to the text of John's Gospel, 19:25-27, where these persons are presented in their relationship with Jesus on the cross. 
  • "this hour of salvation" is an expression of the Founder of the Marianist Family, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, and highlights the importance of the "hour" in the Gospel of John which refers to the hour of Jesus, but also, according to recent studies, the hour of the Woman.
  • "giving us Mary as our mother" is the older formula and uses inclusive language.
  • "your protection" is a Chaminadean notion which relates to the maternal mission of Mary on our behalf; the protection of Mary is the source of our confidence in her, of our courage in her service.
  • "open us to the action of the Holy Spirit" indicates another aspect of Mary's mission, which is to form us into the resemblance of her Son by rendering us open, as she was, to the divine action of the Pentecost Spirit.
  • "taking Mary into our lives" as John accepted her into his own house, into his life of faith, into his life of disciple of Jesus. Mary is given by our Savior, "behold your mother;" like John we receive her as a gift from God, our gift from God.
  • "assisting her" recalls our "alliance with Mary." Chaminade taught, "We have committed ourselves to Mary ... to love her, to respect her, to obey her, to assist her. Above all, we have committed ourselves to this last effect of filial love: assistance, benevolent action."
  • "May the Father ..." is the Chaminadean doxology that has been the conclusion of all the successive formulas of the Three O'clock Prayer. May it continue to be such, for everything is for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.

In our daily living may this spiritual rendezvous on Calvary be a time when all Marianists, religious and lay, are invited to renew with fervor their devotedness to Mary and to draw from it by a loving glance at our Redeemer Christ additional generosity to render better service to the Church, Maria duce.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam Virginisque Deiparae


Marian Events

During a recent trip to France I was able to visit the Louvre in Paris. At the time, there were two exhibits of religious art, including many Marian works. Both exhibits will remain on display until June 29, 2015. Click here for information [in French] about Poussin et Dieu, and here for information [in French] about La Fabrique des Sainte Images. Since my visit, the Louvre has started another exhibition of religious art in collaboration with the Lens Museum. This exhibit also includes many Marian works and will run through September 28, 2015. Click here for information [in French] about D'or et D'ivoire. The Musee de Cluny is also displaying an exhibit of religious sculptures from Souabia through July 27, 2015. Click here for in formation [in French] about Sculptures Souabes de la Fin du Moyen Age.


Mary in the Catholic Press

Radio Maria Ireland Officially Opens from Zenit (Ireland) May 21, 2015

May 13, 2015, the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, was chosen to begin the transmissions of Radio Maria Ireland in Dublin. The opening of this English radio station in the Old Continent represents an important goal for the Catholic broadcasting station spread throughout the world.

The plan to open Radio Maria in Ireland had distant origins, and sinks its roots in the Holy Year of 2000. The history of Radio Maria Ireland was marked by a profound dedication to the realization of a dream. The technicians were able to assure that everything would be ready for this date, concluding the restructuring works on Holy Thursday. "None of this would have been possible without the great support of the World Family of Radio Maria in Italy, Germany, Austria, Romania, and the United States, who we remember every day at Holy Mass and in our prayers," the directors of the Irish Catholic broadcasting station said in a press note.

"Radio Maria will help the Irish people to find their original vocation--said the Director, Father Michael Ross--which will make it possible to provide missionaries to Europe and to the world." Father Michael, himself, stressed the important work of evangelization that this Catholic broadcasting station will carry out, reconnecting with the words often spoken by the Holy Father. "There is need to re-evangelize Europe and, therefore to re-evangelize the world," concluded Father Michael.

With the opening in Ireland, there are now twenty-two stations of Radio Maria in Europe for a total of seventy-four broadcast sites, sixty-five of which are national, eight for linguistic minorities and one twin station.

Click here to see the complete article from Zenit.


Mary in the Secular Press

The director and editors of The Mary Page under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature. Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts' surprise 'Madonna' is an art-world rock star (Star Tribune) May 15, 2015

The identity of Minneapolis Institute of Arts' new mystery picture was such a closely guarded secret that even the director's husband was in the dark until Friday.

Raphael's Madonna of the Pinks, a $50 million painting on loan from the National Gallery in London, drew applause and gasps of appreciation from museum staff and board members when it was unveiled.

"It's small but mighty," said director Kaywin Feldman as the crowd surged in to see the 500-year-old painting--a mere 8 inches wide and 11 inches tall.

Installed in a special gallery near the museum's entrance at 2400 3rd Ave. S., the picture will be on display until Aug. 9. Admission to see it is free....

Click here to read the entire article.


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