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Student library staff developing talent, leadership for future professions

By Jillian Sandy

At Roesch Library, student employees are doing more than earning a paycheck; they are learning skills to help them accomplish more in their academic and professional careers.

Research team student employees who staff the Knowledge Hub attend training sessions geared toward using advanced UD catalog searches that will help them serve library users. At the same time, they are advancing their own learning and research in the classroom and beyond.

To shift their perspective ahead to the career search, students at two service desks — access services and the Knowledge Hub — have attended a session led by career services staff. They brainstormed language to frame the skills they are learning now; discovered strategies for polishing their résumés; and practiced answering interview questions.

Additionally, supervisors take note of individual student interests and talents to shape special collaborations that foster professional development and establish leadership skills. Students who enjoy writing and marketing work with Katy Kelly, communications and outreach librarian, to plan and create posts about library services during finals week such as therapy dog visits and midnight dance parties. Several students help with planning and creating training tools, including a video introducing students to the departments of Roesch Library. One student completed an internship to gain hands-on experience with collection development and other projects essential to the work of academic libraries.

Student employees on Roesch Library’s research team provide the best service they can to library users while gaining skills and perspective to support successful careers and lifelong learning. Our student employees reflect the Marianist vision of vocation, finding personal fulfillment and contributing to the common good at the University of Dayton and in communities around the world.

— Jillian Sandy, research services librarian

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