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Alumni and Friends Making an Impact

Two students, Annie Sherman on the right, holding up a sign during One Day, One Dayton that reads: "Your $5 is now $15! Thanks to a 2:1 donor matching gift"

A Culture of Giving

Alumni, family and friends impact countless lives with their gifts during One Day, One Dayton. They’re also not alone. Students gave more than 830 gifts during the University’s giving day last year, expressing their new culture of giving.

“Most students have been impacted by a donor in one way or another, maybe they received a scholarship, mentorship or another experience. Students see that impact and I think they want to be a part of creating the community and culture they love so much, too,” said Annie Sherman, senior and president of Students for University Advancement.

Students have been serving in the community well before the University held its first giving day six years ago. The difference now is that students see giving as a part of Flyer culture on campus, too; they are sharing their time, effort and funds to build an enduring relationship with their school while leaving a lasting influence, and it shows in last year’s results:

  • The students’ 830 gifts were a 190% increase from the year before.
  • Student participation overall increased 38%.
  • The senior class of 2023 beat out all of the other classes (current students and alumni!) with 249 gifts.
  • The Front Porch Society, a giving society honoring donors who have given to the University for the last three consecutive years, had an increase in student membership by 350%.

As President Eric F. Spina said to the Class of 2026 during their new student convocation, students are holding the door open for each other.

As the student organization that builds relationships between students, alumni, donors and community members, Students for University Advancement is helping form this culture. Members encourage students to begin their philanthropic relationship with the University, expressing their gratitude for what is and seeing the potential for what could be, through giving.

“Student philanthropy is about giving back to a place you’re gaining so much from,” Sherman said. “Whether it’s a class, professor, student organization or academic center, you get to see the impact in real time as a student when you give back to what helped you grow.”

Sherman joined the Front Porch Society in the fall. She sees her new membership as a perfect example that student engagement isn’t about the amount of money given, but the commitment to build something great.

“With One Day, One Dayton, we have the opportunity to give back to the place we call home. This is our chance to give to the things we care about, and it's all about paying it forward,” said Sherman. “Five dollars can make a big difference when we all give together on the same day."

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