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Alumni and Friends Making an Impact

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Campus and Community March 06, 2023
Realizing Our Best

Conducting research in microbiology has been an academic highlight for Hannah DeRespiris, a senior pre-med major at UD. This hands-on experience tops her personal list of academic achievements, and it might not have been available without the support of UD donors during One Day, One Dayton.

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Giving March 06, 2023
World Cup and Well-Being
Is the World Cup connected to well-being? In the updated space for the Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center, the answer is: yes.
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Engineering March 06, 2023
Funding excellence and opportunity

Ryan Rotsching felt his passion for engineering wane after his first year, but support from UD alumni and friends helped him relight his fire and find interest by bridging engineering and entrepreneurship.

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Campus and Community March 03, 2023
Kiara Berry ’18

For Kiara Berry ’18, making a difference in the classroom for her students wasn’t enough. As a first-grade teacher who is very passionate about social-emotional learning, she urged her students to show love and kindness not only to others but also themselves. That mission to learn, lead and serve with her students eventually inspired her to put pen to paper and write her first book, “Which Cape Will I Wear Today?"

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Campus and Community February 17, 2023
Susan (Gogniat) Barrett '13
When Susan (Gogniat) Barrett ’13 decided to attend the University of Dayton, she set into motion a domino effect that’s made the UD community richer.
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Giving February 14, 2023
Another Positive Reaction

A good education, perseverance, humor and a healthy dose of imagination go a long way in creating your own luck — or the multibillion-dollar medication Claritin. That’s according to Charlie Magatti ’71, co-inventor of the famous allergy treatment.

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Giving February 06, 2023
Finding New Heights Thanks to Donors
Little gets Flyers nation fired up like a victory, but behind every victory are student-athletes who need a little help to stay focused on what matters most: their grades and game.
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Campus and Community February 06, 2023
Camp Blue

Every amazing journey starts with that first step, and students who attend Camp Blue at the University of Dayton begin their college journey with confidence — and about 100 new friends rooting for their success.

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Giving February 03, 2023
A Passion for People

Have you ever been to a UD wedding? When two graduates tie the knot, it’s a big deal for a lot of Flyers (emphasis on a lot — if you know, you know). And, if you do know, then you also understand that the UD community is always there. Not just for the big celebrations, but also for the most devastating times, too. That’s what a true community does for each other.

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Campus and Community January 24, 2023
Cindy Brentlinger ’14

Mexico is a long way from the walls of the University of Dayton, but thankfully, UD gave Cindy Brentlinger ’14 the wings to fly. For the past six years, Brentlinger has been serving Tijuana Christian Mission, a children's home with locations in both Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico. Brentlinger was a junior when she first visited TCM during a winter breakout trip.

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