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Front Porch Society

Membership in the Front Porch Society is for those who have made a gift to the University for the last three consecutive fiscal years (July 1 – June 30).

You are automatically a member once you have made a gift for three straight fiscal years. Your membership never goes away as long as you make an annual gift.

We recently added recognition levels to the Front Porch Society to honor those who have been loyal supporters for many years.

View the levels

We are currently looking into that option and will keep you posted.

No specific amount is required. All gifts count.

All designations count.

The University depends on annual support. Tuition does not cover all of the expenses associated with providing an outstanding education.


Yes, Front Porch members are often members of one or more of the other giving societies at the University.

Yes, spouses and partners are automatically members.

1850 Society

Named for the year of the founding of the University, the 1850 Society is composed of those who have made a gift of at least $1,850 during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). This amount may be a one-time gift or an accumulation of gifts during that time period.

Once your gifts reach the $1,850 level, you are automatically a member. To keep your membership, you need to maintain this level of giving annually.

Yes, at least $1,850.

Yes, you may choose the designation of your gift.

There are five levels of membership, based on the annual donation amount.

View the levels


There are different criteria for each of the University’s giving societies. Many of our alumni and friends are members of one or more of these societies.

Yes, spouses and partners are automatically members.

John Stuart Society

The John Stuart Society is the lifetime giving membership society at the University, and those who have made gifts totaling at least $100,000 are members. The Society is named for John Stuart, the owner of the land which was purchased by the Marianists to establish the University.

Lifetime giving of $100,000 qualifies you for membership in the John Stuart Society, and your membership is lifelong.

Yes, any gift designation or that of multiple designations is permissible.

There are seven circles of recognition to appropriately recognize donors of various giving levels.

View the circles of recognition

Absolutely. Many of our John Stuart members are not alumni, but parents and/or members of the Dayton community who recognize the importance of the University in their lives and in the community.

Yes, John Stuart members are frequently part of other giving societies, based on annual or consecutive giving.

Yes, spouses and partners are automatically members.

When you are first welcomed into membership, you are invited and celebrated by all who attend. In subsequent years, at the Medallion Circle and with an annual gift of at least $1,850 to the University, you receive an invitation to this signature event. Members at the other levels are invited annually.

*Due to the pandemic, in-person events may be suspended for safety. We will notify you of alternate plans or opportunities associated with your membership.


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