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Flyer Promise Scholars Program

More Than a Scholarship

The Flyer Promise Scholars program makes a University of Dayton education attainable and helps students reach new heights.

Through University and donor funds, selected students receive generous scholarships and financial aid, covering all tuition costs and significantly reducing housing and meal costs.

And Flyer Promise is more than just a scholarship. It also provides access to academic enrichment, mentoring and leadership opportunities to help students reach their potential.

With support throughout their academic journey, Flyer Promise Scholars graduate equipped to meet their goals and take on our world’s challenges.

Program Fast Facts


Flyer Promise Scholars to date


of Flyer Promise Scholars graduate in four years, compared to 47% of students nationally.

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Support That Lasts

Students begin their journey with the Flyer Promise Summer Experience before they attend their first classes in the fall. The program then supports them through a four-year flight plan which includes personal, professional and leadership experiences. Upon graduating, they continue to have access to mentorship programs, continual leadership development and service opportunities.

Eligibility and Participation Requirements

To be considered for the Flyer Promise Scholars program, applicants must:

  • Attend a partner high school or regional program.
  • Have a weighted high school GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Apply to the University of Dayton by December 1.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by January 31 and have a total family income (including the income of noncustodial parents) of $75,000 or less and be Pell-eligible.
    • If a student's parents are divorced or separated, a noncustodial parent form must be completed.

Students who are accepted to the University of Dayton and eligible for the Flyer Promise Scholars program will receive a consideration email, inviting them to participate in an interview. Once interviews conclude, students will be notified if they have been selected for the program. Selected students are required to participate in the Flyer Promise Scholars Summer Experience and other Flyer Promise-related programming throughout their college experience to maintain scholarship eligibility.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about recruitment into the Flyer Promise Scholars program, please contact us at or 800-UD PRIDE.

${ Joseph Boateng }

The Best Accident

When he was just 8 years old, Joseph Boateng left his home in Ghana to live with his parents in Ohio. It was a journey undertaken with the hope to reunite with his family and prepare for a bright future. It would also, with a little help from fate, lead him to the University of Dayton.

Meet Flyer Promise Students

Daisha Williams '23 Amari Spears '22 Michelle Hwang '22 Morgan Cox '21

Dedicated Opportunities

While at UD, Flyer Promise Scholars have access to academic enrichment, mentoring and leadership opportunities dedicated to the program. They also can take advantage of other University programs like IACT and Statehouse Civic Scholars, just as Daisha Williams did.

Read Daisha's Story

Finding His Own Path

Through hands-on learning opportunities at IACT, Flyer Promise Scholar Amari Spears discovered innovative ways to use his degree.

Invested in Each Other

Michelle Hwang, now a graduate student at UD, impressed Bob Daley ’55 at the 2022 Stander Symposium where she presented her research project that could save the University money while it advances campus sustainability efforts.

Read Michelle's Story

A Dream Come True

As a kid in rural Kentucky, Morgan dreamed of being just like the University of Dayton students who came every year to UD’s Summer Appalachian Program. Having those students believe in her and support her gave Morgan the determination to get there.

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Flyer Promise allowed me to find my own path. I wouldn’t have had as much growth as a person as I think I’ve had at UD.

Jacob Troutwine '21

${ Students with Bev Jenkins (top right) and Donnell Wiggins (bottom right) }

A Flyer Promise

In addition to program staff who support Flyer Promise Scholars throughout their time at UD, many generous donors have committed to this group of high-achieving students.