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Alumni and Friends Making an Impact

A Champion for UD

Kaitlyn Redmond ’15 isn’t shy about her love for the University of Dayton.

“Going to UD was the best decision I ever made,” she said emphatically.

It’s that unwavering love for UD that makes Redmond an ideal Flyer Champion. Flyer Champions are alumni volunteers who use their own UD stories to woo future Flyers and let them in on the magic of campus life and the value of a UD degree.

And since 2020, that’s exactly what Redmond has been doing. “I loved my time at UD, and I don’t mind shouting it from the rooftops,” she quipped.

Through a series of texts and phone calls, Flyer Champions congratulate admitted students, answer questions and share stories from their own time on campus. Redmond acknowledges that she doesn’t get ahold of every student, but the ones she does connect with motivate her to keep volunteering.

“Having a meaningful conversation with an admitted student and knowing that I played a role in their decision to choose UD means everything to me,” said Redmond.

Maybe it was fate? Redmond’s on-campus job while a student at UD prepared her well for the role of Flyer Champion. She was an admissions telecounselor, assisting prospective students and their families with simple admissions questions over the phone. “That job was how I found my love for connecting with students. I wanted them to feel the UD love like I did when I stepped foot on campus,” said Redmond.

Volunteering as a Flyer Champion isn’t the first time Redmond has shown up to support UD.

Just one year after she graduated, Redmond took on a community leader volunteer role with the Pittsburgh Alumni Community. “I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, so when the Alumni Relations team reached out to ask if I would be interested, I didn’t think twice,” she said.

In this role, she helped plan events to bring UD alumni living in the Pittsburgh area together. “Alumni community events are a great excuse to hang out with fellow alums and share stories. Getting together with other Flyers gives you the chance to recreate that sense of community we had when we were on campus,” said Redmond.

And while UD certainly benefits from Redmond’s volunteer spirit, she is quick to point out the rewards she gets too. “Volunteering for UD makes me realize why I love the University so much, and it provides a way to stay involved in that community even though I’ve graduated,” she said.

Redmond is one of approximately 2,300 alumni, parents and friends who serve in volunteer roles for UD. And through UD’s We Soar campaign — the first comprehensive fundraising campaign in over two decades — the University is looking to grow that number to at least 2,500.

“It’s great that UD has a variety of opportunities for alumni to get involved, and the staff at UD will help you find a role that aligns with your availability and interests,” she said.

She encourages all alumni to consider a volunteer role, like Flyer Champion. “It’s great that UD has a variety of opportunities for alumni to get involved, and the staff at UD will help you find a role that aligns with your availability and interests,” she said.

As for Redmond, she plans to continue to stay involved and keep sparking admitted students’ love for the UD community she treasures. “Quite frankly, they are going to have to kick me out of these volunteer positions. That’s how much I enjoy them,” she joked.

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