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UD's MBA Goes Green

As more businesses integrate sustainability into their strategy, operations, and product development, Master of Business students at UD can prepare themselves with a new sustainability certification.

Starting this fall, the sustainability certificate will allow graduates to help bring sustainability practices to the mainstream while breaking into the growing green-jobs market and executive management careers in renewable energy and sustainability-related industries.

"Having a sustainability qualification along with the MBA can provide a distinctive advantage for a graduating student,” said Felix Fernando, Graduate Certificate in Sustainability Coordinator. “UD's sustainability certificate is flexible, easy to complete, and can greatly add value to a student's graduate education. The MBA program and the Hanley Sustainability Institute have worked hard to make this a reality for students."

Created with the College of Arts and Sciences, the Sustainability Program is a multidisciplinary effort to encourage students to explore complex societal sustainability issues that do not fit easily into one traditional academic discipline.

The certificate only requires the completion of twelve graduate credits split between the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business, including two core courses. Most graduate students can complete it with only six additional courses needed outside of the MBA program to receive a sustainability certificate.

“The values associated with sustainability align well with our Marianist identity,” said Yue Pan, associate dean of graduate programs and accreditation. "The UD education as a whole sets itself apart in the market on the basis of these values. Many sustainability-related goals and action plans pertain to the common good, including but not limited to developing ecological awareness, preserving the natural environment, caring for the poor, empowering underprivileged groups, and enhancing the welfare of society at large. "

For more information, visit Graduate Certificate in Sustainability

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