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Accounting Reception Adds Up to a Big Networking Opportunity for Alumni

The camaraderie, commitment to service, and the greater good go beyond graduation as the University of Dayton students transition into alums. Many believe that the UD Alumni Association network, which spans the globe, is one of the universities most considerable assets. This is especially true within the School of Business Administration, as many alums return to UD to help current students prepare for career competitiveness.

"Almost immediately after assuming the role of department chair, I learned how enthusiastic our alumni are about coming back to UD and how engaged they are or would like to be," describes Dr. Timothy Keune, Associate Professor & Chairperson for the SBA's Department of Accounting.

In 2022, taking advantage of UD's yearly Alumni Weekend, Dr. Keune figured it would be a great time to bring together accounting alums, as well as previous and current faculty, to not only network but also thank Dr. Ron Burrows, who was the Department of Accounting Chair for 27 years between 1985-2012.

"Another common feeling that alumni expressed to me repeatedly early on was how much they revere Dr. Ron Burrows. For everyone who knew Ron during their time at UD, their stories are different but yet the same. He had a profound impact on students, and they remain incredibly grateful to this day. That was why I wanted to have a department event during Reunion Weekend. I thought it would be a great way to welcome alumni back to campus, and having Ron in attendance would allow the alumni to express their thanks and relive memories with him. Ron is a legend among alumni and is so deserving to feel the love and respect alumni have for him."

The 2022 reception was such a success they decided to continue the tradition during the 2023 Alumni weekend. The 2023 Department of Accounting Reunion Reception will be held on Friday, June 9th, from 4:00 - 5:30 pm at the Learning Lounge on the second floor of Miriam Hall. Being the second year, Dr. Keune expects even more alums and faculty to join.

Nick Beck, a 2004 UD graduate with majors in Accounting and Finance, enjoyed last year's reception and looks forward to additional UD accounting events. "It is always great to return to UD campus but being able to connect with friends from the industry as well as current and former faculty and classmates at the Accounting reception was an especially happy occasion. Like countless other alumni, Dr. Burrows had a very positive impact on my life as a student through classes, activities, and career guidance, and it is great to reconnect with him at the event annually as well as hear what is happening in the Accounting program and across UD today. I look forward to this networking activity and other opportunities to give back to UD and the Accounting program hoping to help today's students as others did before me as past and present faculty continue to do."

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