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Hanley Sustainability Institute

Passion and Purpose

Through deepening existing partnerships and developing many new partnerships on and off campus, the Hanley Sustainability Institute is working with the University and Dayton community to make progress towards our goal of a more sustainable campus and community and becoming a leader in sustainability education. In 2019, the University added sustainability undergraduate degrees to go along with the existing sustainability minor and graduate certificate.
Nationally Recognized


UD ranks in the top 3 percent of all AASHE STARS-rated schools; first in Ohio and second among all U.S. Catholic colleges and universities


UD for three straight years has been in the top 10 percent of Sierra Club's Cool Schools for sustainability and again is tops in the Midwest.

Sustainability 09.02.21

The Hanley Sustainability Institute will hire four part-time University of Dayton directors to oversee four strategic areas and help implement 10 goals named in HSI’s strategic planning initiative to confront today’s urgent global challenges. The four directors, to be selected from current faculty and staff, will devote their HSI work time to planning and implementing their respective strategic areas. The institute also is announcing a call for expressions of interest from interested parties.

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HSI releases 2018-2020 impact report, ‘A growing role at UD’


By Mark Gokavi

The Hanley Sustainability Institute at the University of Dayton has released an impact report covering the calendar years of 2018 through 2020, which included a major expansion of HSI, which was founded in 2014.

“A growing role at UD” summarizes key events during the span which includes hiring of its executive director, adding faculty and staff, introducing a fast-growing sustainability major and graduate certificate, student leadership and experiential learning, national recognition as a sustainability leader and being part of an award-winning paper on the path to carbon neutrality at UD.

HSI Executive Director Ben McCall said the report provides a look back at successes with partners such as Facilities Management while HSI completes its first strategic planning process that will look ahead to HSI’s next phases.

“We’ve organized this report around the themes emerging from that process: Developing Leaders for a Just Future, Evolving the Institution, Building Relationships with the Community and Leaning into Research,” McCall writes. “The work of HSI and its sustainability partners at UD has been consistently gaining visibility, both in terms of media attention and campus sustainability recognitions. It seems clear HSI and UD are poised for continued success in the years to come.”

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Sustainability Program and HSI working through the pandemic

The work of the Sustainability Program and the Hanley Sustainability Institute is continuing despite challenges posed by COVID-19. Click the link to see a message from HSI Executive Director Ben McCall and for instructions on how to contact us.

Sustainability Program and HSI working through the pandemic

Hands shown as looking like a globe

The work of the Sustainability Program and the Hanley Sustainability Institute is continuing despite challenges posed by COVID-19. Click the link to see a message from HSI Executive Director Ben McCall and for instructions on how to contact us.

Our role is not just to help implement projects. I like to think of us as providing strategic leadership in how sustainability can be approached on campus.

Ben McCall

Executive Director, Hanley Sustainability Institute

Student Involvement

Sustainability Club

The student-driven club is not part of the Hanley Sustainability Institute, but there is crossover among HSI leaders and representatives.

Sust. Club Instagram

Rivers Institute

The Rivers Institute's goal is to work alongside the Greater Dayton community to promote, preserve and protect our watershed.

Rivers Institute website


The Marianist Environmental Education Center slogan is Restoring Communities of Land and People and hopes people live in communion with the land.

MEEC website



The ETHOS Center provides service-learning experiences through technical immersions, student activities, research and hands-on projects.

ETHOS website

Human Rights Center

The HRC recognizes the link between a sustainable climate and human rights. The two centers work together in many ways.

HRC website

Campus Projects

Student-involved initiatives include the solar prairie at Curran Place, the green roof at Kennedy Union plus the Lincoln Hill and River Campus gardens.

Sust. Reps/Leaders
In the News
Research 11.09.21

The National Science Foundation awarded University of Dayton isotope geochemist Zelalem Bedaso a three-year, $156,776 grant to study seasonal rainfall variability over the last 200,000 years in East Africa to understand the impact of extreme weather on early humans and the ecosystems on which they depended.

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Sciences 10.28.21

University of Dayton geologist Umesh Haritashya was recognized in August with a 2020-21 SOCHE Faculty Excellence Award for his contributions to understanding the relationship between climate change and natural disasters in alpine environments.

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Sustainability 10.07.20

Hanley Sustainability Institute graduate assistants Lauren Wolford and Meg Maloney are leading the University of Dayton’s resilience assessment as part of UD’s Second Nature climate commitment to plan for climate resilience. They talked to 50-60 community stakeholders about resilience planning in and around Dayton. “Because of what we’re all currently living in, it was really easy to have these conversations specifically around the pandemic,” Wolford said. “It was inspiring to hear from different organizations.”

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    UD Achieves STARS Gold

    The University of Dayton earned its first gold rating for its sustainability achievements in the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS).

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