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Hanley Sustainability Institute

Facilitating impactful research

The Hanley Sustainability Institute works to catalyze and support transdisciplinary and community based research that addresses root causes and drives action on sustainability challenges, globally and locally.

Graduate Fellowship Program HSI Planning Grant program HSI Sustainability Scholars

HSI coordinates a graduate fellowship program to encourage and support faculty scholarship in sustainability and to attract high-quality students with sustainability interests to UD.

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The Hanley Sustainability Institute aims to catalyze and support transdisciplinary and community-based research by fielding proposals for planning grants to support researchers looking to develop longer term sustainability projects.

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The University of Dayton is home to more than 100 faculty members and researchers with scholarly interests in sustainability. The Sustainability Scholars network brings these scholars together.

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Hanley Sustainability Institute

Fitz Hall, Room 585
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2950
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Sustainability Program

The Sustainability Program at UD provides students an understanding and appreciation of the interdisciplinary aspects of sustainability, energy and the environment.

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