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Hanley Sustainability Institute

Sustainability Student Leaders Program

The Sustainability Leaders Program is an experiential learning and professional development program open to all University of Dayton undergraduate students who are passionate about making the campus community more sustainable. Student Sustainability Leaders develop and lead a variety of programs and initiatives through collaboration with student groups, offices and community partners.

HSI Student Leaders, 2023

Food Recovery Network

Starting in 2022, the HSI Food and Growing Team reinstated the UD chapter of the Food Recovery Network (FRN). FRN collects excess food from UD catering services and donates to St. Vincent de Paul, a local food bank. Since its reinstatement, the FRN has recovered over 1,000 pounds of food.

Flyer Enterprise Sustainability Consulting

Flyer Enterprises Sustainability Consulting is a collaboration between Flyer Enterprises, UD’s student-run business and the Hanley Sustainability Institute’s Sustainable Systems team. In this joint effort, both groups work together to create and implement a sustainability-focused business model. 

Neighborhood Composting

The neighborhood composting program collects on average 2,000 pounds of compost from the south student neighborhood. The compost is collected each week and taken to Old River Park and mixed in the on-campus in-vessel. The final composting mixture is then used in the on-campus garden.

Sustainability Activation Program

The Sustainability Activation Program (SAP) is an interdisciplinary cohort of volunteer peer-to-peer educators. We harness the AVIATE program to facilitate sustainability education initiatives on campus.

Zero Waste Events

Zero Waste Events are on campus events in which 90% of generated waste is diverted from the landfill. The goal of these events is to educate individuals on proper recycling and composting practices.

Additional Projects and Initiatives

Next to the Food Recovery Network, composting program and Sustainability Activation Program, the HSI's Sustainability Student Leaders Program is involved in several additional projects and initiatives.


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