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Hanley Sustainability Institute

Recent Posts
Sustainability June 12, 2024
Rethinking recycling after a trip to Cincinnati
The Hanley Sustainability Institute Summer Fellows recently visited the Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub to volunteer and take a tour.
Campus and Community June 10, 2024
Addressing food insecurity in Dayton one meal at a time
In Dayton, food deserts exist largely as a result of redlining and disinvestment in predominantly Black neighborhoods.
Sustainability May 31, 2024
Aluminum water bottles on campus at University of Dayton

During the 2023-24 school year, UD offered an aluminum option for bottled water, a direct action to support  sustainability goals under dining.

Sustainability May 23, 2024
From dorm to donation: Move Out at the University of Dayton

Students could drop off as many objects as they have in their house at 17 locations across campus.

Sustainability May 20, 2024
HSI student leaders conduct second Residential Energy Bootcamp

The goal of the Energy Assessment Bootcamp was to provide students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of energy topics.

Sustainability April 26, 2024
The Beast makes its way to University of Dayton campus
'Beast' protest reminds us that the plastic we use may be out of our sight after consumption, but it does not go away.
Sustainability April 23, 2024
HSI Green Office Program off to a sustainable start with pilot phase
Five UD offices participated in the Green Office Program, filling out self-assessments participating in dialogue.
Sustainability March 19, 2024
HSI, Office of Energy and Sustainability take longer look at UD Arena waste
The Hanley Sustainability Institute and Office of Energy and Sustainability put together a team to observe some of the waste habits within the UD Arena.
Sustainability March 14, 2024
A walk with sustainability ... and the Bolivian llamas

LAst summer, UD student Megan Oleksik had the opportunity to intern as a water engineer withEngineers in Action in La Paz, Bolivia.

Sustainability March 13, 2024
Sustainability at Walt Disney Company

UD student Maddie Motes gained plenty of insight into just how intertwined sustainability is with the Walt Disney Company’s vision and everyday actions.