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Hanley Sustainability Institute

Recent Posts
Sustainability October 02, 2023
HSI Undergraduate Fellow brings sustainability to youth
Emme Gerth worked for the City of Dayton Sustainability Office, taking a leadership role as the Sprouts Environmental Educator.
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Sustainability September 21, 2023
Sustainability in Corporate America as a first internship
As summer internships or job searching starts, UD student Grace Hungerford challenges you to step away from your comfort zone.
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Sustainability July 20, 2023
Navigating the sustainability field as a young professional
A burgeoning field, sustainability offers a plethora of pathways for starting a career.
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Sustainability April 26, 2023
HSI Student Leaders take role in revamping website
As the Hanley Sustainability institute worked on updating its website, Student Leaders were given the unique opportunity to be involved with the process of the makeover.
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Sustainability April 19, 2023
A Student Leader's perspective on City of Dayton Environmental Advisory Board meeting
As a part of the Hanley Sustainability Institute, one student has begun to understand the scope of how much the University of Dayton participates in regional initiatives.
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Sustainability April 13, 2023
First Energy Assessment Bootcamp focuses on big picture
First Energy Assessment Bootcamp splits big picture of energy into three parts – world/national energy, community energy and campus energy.
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Sustainability March 15, 2022
Graduate Student taking sustainability several projects at a time
Currently in the graduate program in the University of Dayton’s School of Engineering, Peter Fabe also makes time for an ever-expanding interest in sustainability.
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Sustainability November 22, 2021
Forage Ahead the theme for Dinner in the Desert Kitchen V, a UD art exhibition and fundraiser
The fifth annual University of Dayton student-led art auction, can drive, dinner and art exhibit to benefit the Gem City Market will be from 6 to 9 p.m. Dec. 10 at The Hub powered by PNC Bank in the newly reopened Dayton Arcade at 31 South Main St.
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Sustainability October 15, 2021
HSI names four part-time directors for main areas in new strategic plan

The University of Dayton’s Hanley Sustainability Institute designated four accomplished leaders to direct the four key areas of HSI’s new strategic plan. Faculty members Erin Gibbemeyer, Zach Piso, Andrew Chiasson and Glenna Jennings will work part-time with HSI and each lead an identified initiative and its associated goals. HSI Executive Director Ben McCall recently announced the appointments.

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Sustainability September 21, 2021
UD campus climate strike this Friday at noon; People in more than 150 countries taking part

University of Dayton students are taking part in the global climate strike Friday, Sept. 24, according to campus organizers. The group is calling for students, faculty and others to meet in the Humanities Plaza from noon until 2 p.m. Friday to strike for the future.

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