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Youth Prevention Education

Human trafficking is a serious social issue and human rights violation that impacts everyone--including youth. Over 3000 Ohio youth are at risk of being trafficked. The average age that a minor is first sex trafficked is 13 years old. Parents, teachers, and other concerned adults need to be aware of the issue and have the training and tools to respond. Youth must be educated on how and why human trafficking takes place. Reducing vulnerabilities, spreading knowledge, and reducing demand for victims all are needed to prevent human trafficking.

Abolition Ohio has worked for the past decade on youth prevention programming and education. In addition to materials that we have developed over the years, we also are the repository of curricula and resources formerly housed at National Educators to Stop Trafficking (NEST). All resources have been vetted by national experts and are evidence-based or show promising practices. Many also are informed by survivors’ voices.

In addition to being a resource for educators across the country, Abolition Ohio supports local schools and youth programs in the Miami Valley with our School Trafficking Outreach Program (STOP).

Abolition Ohio’s STOP is designed as an awareness raising program for a general student population. It is NOT intended as prevention programming for at-risk youth. We recommend the University of Toledo Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute’s Prevention Curriculum.


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