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For Scholars/Practitioners

Current Visitors

The Center hosts visiting human rights researchers and advocates from around the world.  These visitors bring us new and challenging perspectives on human rights and advocacy. The program gives them the time and resources to reflect on their work, write, teach and speak. The Center's Endowment to Support Education in Nonviolence enables visiting scholars and practitioners to engage the University community in the theory and practice of nonviolence.

John Meagher Fellowship


 The John Meagher Fellowship supports a postdoctoral scholar to advance justice and promote advocacy related to the U.S.-Vietnam War through a combination of field research, academic talks, community dialogues, and a scholar-advocate symposium resulting in a publication. 


The Vietnam Legacies Project will support scholarship, activism, and community engagement on the theme "Transitional Justice, Advocacy, and the U.S.-Vietnam War”. Learn more about the project and upcoming events below.

Action Research and Rights Collective


The Action Research and Rights Collective began convening in Spring 2022 to lay a foundation for collaboration around methods of inquiry that center dignity, justice, and solidarity in our work. The Collective is part of our efforts to support “action research” methods that advance human rights and build community by generating knowledge in a way that values all forms of expertise, prioritizing people’s lived experience as an essential source. In clear terms, “action research” is guided by a simple set of values: Learn to act, act to learn, and center the participation of those who know.  

The goal of the Collective includes three core imperatives to:

  • Build a durable community of practice around action research in the human rights space;
  • Provide support for experimentation and implementation; and 
  • Design a feedback process by which we document and share our learning together and from each other in order to improve methods and results. 


We are a diverse network of individuals with different levels of exposure and background in action research methods but one thing we all share is a desire to grow and improve our practice and do work that matters. 

The Collective consists of researchers from departments across the UD campus, the country, and the world. As this new initiative takes flight, we plan to regularly share our learning and projects as they evolve!