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Meet Our Transfer Team

Our Transfer Team is here to help you in every step of the transfer process.  We are the single point of contact for transfer students, and we work as a team to help answer all of your questions.

Our Transfer Team Members Are:
Julia Thompson Photo
Julia Thompson

Associate Director of Recruitment and Admission

Students can reach out to Julia Thompson to schedule a phone or virtual appointment. 

Phone: 937-229-2874

Email: Julia Thompson

Sean McCarthy Photo
Sean McCarthy

Associate Director of International and Graduate Admission and Initiatives

International transfer students can reach out to Sean McCarthy to schedule a phone or virtual appointment. 

Phone: 937-229-4742

Email: Sean McCarthy

Phyllis Bergiel Photo
Phyllis Bergiel

Credit Review Coordinator

Students with prior college credit can reach out to Phyllis Bergiel by completing a Preliminary Credit Evaluation form.

Phone: 937-229-4143

Email: Phyllis Bergiel