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Resources for Industry

Resources for Industry


The University of Dayton wishes to engage with Industry in a variety of ways.  Please see our technologies available for licensing.

Information of how to contact the Office of Technology & Entrepreneurial Partnerships is on each page.  The licensing process at the University of Dayton is streamlined much more than other universities.  You will only need to negotiate with the Director of Technology Partnerships, and most negotiations can be done in a single day.  The University will only ask for commercially reasonable terms, so you know you will get a fair, and industry standard deal.  Here is our License Template to further facilitate the licensing process.

The process at the University of Dayton is very simple.  Whether you come from a relationship with a UD researcher, are interested in posted technology, or just wish to see the technologies at UD the starting point is the same.

Please contact the Office of Technology & Entrepreneurial Partnerships and we can facilitate all of these discussions.

Also, if you wish to engage in Sponsored Research, please Contact Contracts and Grants at 937-229-2919.

Industry partners have two options for access to intellectual property.  The standard option is contained in the Research Agreement Template – an option to obtain a license to the intellectual property.

Industry has another option as well.  In cases where a license or ownership needs to be determined at the agreement stage, companies have an option to negotiate such rights.  Typically for a license it will be a 6% royalty on sales plus patent expenses.  However, significant background intellectual property could result in changes to the typical number.

NDAs are facilitated by the Office of Contracts and Grants.  Here is a template for convenience that should only be used to review terms: UD-UDRI NDA document .  For actual use of the NDA please contact the Office of Contracts and Grants.  


Office of Technology & Entrepreneurial Partnerships

Daniel J. Curran Place
1700 Patterson Blvd
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7758