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Marianist Service Award

Marianist Service Award

The Marianist Service Award was established in 1987 by Marianists working at the University of Dayton. Each year, this award honors two full-time staff whose behavior, over a significant number of years, is congruent with the University's Catholic and Marianist character.

Nominations are made by the vowed Marianists who work on campus, Marianist Educational Associates and previous award recipients.  Nominations are accepted annually during the month of February.

The Marianist Service Award Nomination Form is available each January.

Marianist Service Award Recipients


Tom Burkhardt
Lisa Warren

2021 Kate Henry
Christine Kremer
2022 Joe Owens
Michelle Tedford
2019 Teri Dickison
Brad Balser
2020 Melvin Andrews
Teresa Wehmeyer
2017 Monica Duffy
Robin Steberl
2018 Ryan Allen
Peg Mount
2015 Paula Sideras
William Burell
2016 Margaret Lisjak
2013 Elizabeth Duckro
Russell Milliron
Phyllis Shope
Carol Stachler
2014 Marge DeVito
Tom Westendorf
2011 John L. Beach
Beverly T. Jenkins
2012 Julie Banks
Mike McClure
2010 Kathleen Rossman, OSF
Donn W. Shade
2009 Larry Burgess
Beth Schwartz
2008 Herbert Schotz
Jill Talley
2007 Billy Mayo
Jeannie Perry
2006 Linda Hoke
Duane Plessinger
2005 Randy Groesbeck
Judy Caruso
2004 Debbie Stoner
Ken Soucy
2003 Michael Foreman
Patsy Martin
2002 Arlene Camacho
Randy Mockabee
2001 Willie Hickey
Colleen Wildenhaus
2000 Melissa Clark
John Dirckx
1999 Helen Gross
Kenneth Keck
1998 Anna Mae Daum
Richard Zeh
1997 Marilyn Bishop
1996 Gladys Clement 1995 Ronald Small
1994 Delandus Montgomery 1993 Pearl Brashers
1992 Mary McDowell 1991 Richard Coy
1990 Annie Thornton 1989 Irene Calavan
1988 Herbert Dintaman
Eugene Schwieterman
1987 Willie Tyson

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