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Lackner Award

Lackner Award


The first Lackner Award was given by the UD Marianists in 1985. The Marianist religious of the University established an award to be named after Brother Elmer Lackner, who died in 1984, to honor a lay member of the UD faculty or staff who, over a long period of time, has made a significant contribution to the Catholic and Marianist character of the University of Dayton.

Brother Elmer Lackner
Brother Elmer served at the University of Dayton for forty-five years as Professor, Dean, Registrar, Director of Public Relations, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, Assistant to the President, and Vice President for University Relations. His influence permeated all areas of the University. To the Dayton community, he was known as “Mr. UD.”
Father Joseph Lackner
In 2016, the Marianist religious added the name of Father Joseph Lackner to the award.  Father Joe, who died in 2013, was a beloved teacher, campus minister, and homilist at the University.  As an administrator of the Society of Mary, he was a strong advocate of Marianist educational institutions and their role in our Marianist mission.

Lackner Award Recipients

2024    Julie Bank

           Tom Weckesser

2023    Rick Chamberlin

            Beth Schwartz

2022     Mark Masthay

            Crystal Sullivan

2021      Ryan Allen

            Mary Buchwalder

            Robin Oldfield

2020     Kim Trick

            Steve Wilhoit

2019     Corinne Daprano

            Bill Fischer

2018     Margie Pinnell

            Paul Vanderburgh 

2017     Don Pair

            Kathy Watters

2016     Rob Durkle

            Joan McGuinness Wagner

2015     Thomas Lasley

            Teri Rizvi

2014     Elizabeth Gustafson

            Joseph Untener

2013     Amy Anderson

           Thomas Columbus

2012     Paul Benson

            Patricia Johnson

2011     Nick Cardilino

           Christine Schramm

2010    Thomas E. Burkhardt

           Kathryn A. Kinnucan-Welsch

2009    Susan Ferguson

            Joe Saliba

2008     Tom Eggemeier

            Kathy McEuen Harmon

2007     Amy Lopez

            Steve Mueller

2006     Jim Farrelly

            Roberta Weaver

2005    Una Cadegan

            Dick Ferguson

2004     Patricia Detzel

            Paul Morman

2003     Patrick Palermo

            Sandra Yocum Mize

2002     Deborah Bickford

            Mike Kelly

2001     Kathleen Henderson

            Michael O'Hare

            John Geiger

2000     Joseph Belle

            Nancy Bramlage, S.C.

1999     Donald Frericks

            Karen Pettus

1998     Elaine Carey

            Thomas Weckesser

1997     Ellis Joseph

            Mary Neacy

1996     Herbert Martin

            Ellen Murphy, O.P.

1995     Kenneth Kuntz

            Susan Tsui

1994     Jerrold Hopfengardner

            Eleanor Kurtz

1993     Xavier Monasterio

            Angela Ann Zukowski, MHSH

1992     Judith Allik

            Gerald VonderBrink

1991     Patrick Gilvary

            George Noland

1990     Rocco Donatelli

            Nicoletta Hary

1989     Myron Achbach

            Gertrude Shay

1988     Doris Drees

            Edwin King

1987     Nora Duffy

            Kenneth Schraut

1986     Richard Baker

            Mary Shay

1985     William Hoben


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