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Faculty & Staff Engagement

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Faculty and staff play a critical role in the work we do in the Global and Intercultural Affairs Center.  It is through collaborating that we are able to bring together our collective talents and perspectives of the global community to advance the common good. 

As an institution, we aim for students to have a holistic experience while they are with us, and therefore we strive to advance global and intercultural learning in both curricular and co-curricular settings.  To support this, we facilitate faculty and staff development, and offer opportunities to teach abroad or host a scholar. Some of our efforts include: 

The Global & Intercultural Affairs Council (GIA Council) is the permanent leadership engagement structure to formulate, review, and recommend international strategy at the university level. This includes refining and updating the international strategic plan, and establishing policy that supports internationalization. In areas where a related policy is the purview of another office or body, the Council provides recommendations as appropriate.

Collaborative Online International Learning, or COIL, is a model for teaching and learning that promotes the development of intercultural competence through a shared online multicultural learning environment.  It creates an opportunity for a UD faculty member to pair with a faculty member from abroad, and to co-design and co-teach a project-based experience to their students.  COIL projects are embedded within courses and typically 2-8 weeks in duration.  It is a form of virtual learning that gives students exposure to course content with a new perspective while also supporting intercultural learning. 

Through the support of the Office of the Provost, the Global and Intercultural Affairs Center, Center for Online Learning, and academic units, we offer faculty and teaching staff the opportunity to participate in the COIL Fellows Program.  This program is designed to bring an interdisciplinary cohort together to learn about the value of COIL and how to design and implement COIL.  Requests for proposals are typically accepted in the fall semester and the cohort comes together during the spring semester.  COIL projects are implemented the following academic year.

For more information or to apply, visit our Porches page (UD login required). 

The Global Education Seminar serves as a key faculty development opportunity and supports academic units’ strategic priorities for internationalization.  The program is an educational and scholarly initiative, providing an exciting opportunity for a coordinated team of faculty to participate in a series of seminars about strategic site(s) prior to a two-week exploratory and immersive visit.  The initiative seeks to broaden the pedagogical and scholarly horizons of faculty members, providing them with an interdisciplinary experience for academic exploration and study that can shape revision of the courses they teach, motivate new scholarly projects, and inform additional international collaborations such as faculty exchanges and grant opportunities.

Past cohorts of faculty visited China, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ghana and Togo.  Over 50 faculty have participated in the Global Education Seminar and continue to shape global and intercultural learning experiences for our students inside the classroom.  Past faculty returned to campus and revised and designed new curriculum, pursued research and partnership collaborations, implemented Collaborative Online International Learning, and/or designed education abroad opportunities.  This competitive program accepts nominations in the fall semester and the interdisciplinary cohort comes together the following year in the fall and spring semester for the seminar.  The two-week immersive visit takes place early in the summer.

Over the years, University of Dayton faculty members have hosted a number of international scholars to conduct research, teach, and exchange ideas, in diverse fields of study across the institution. These visiting professors, specialists and graduate students from around the world enrich the life of our campus, bringing new perspectives on teaching and research and engaging in cultural exchange. In addition, through these relationships, faculty members can explore the potential for larger partnerships between UD and educational institutions abroad.  If you are a UD faculty member that would like to explore how you can engage in global learning and teaching, through hosting or participating as a visiting scholar then please contact us at

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