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Dining Services

What You Should Know...

  • The Standard & Flex Meal Plans are both $3,065.00 per semester for the academic year.
  • 100% of all Flex Plan funds remaining at the end of the first term (Fall) roll over to the second term (Spring) to be used in addition to the newly purchased meal plan.
  • At the end of the academic year, any remaining funds from Fall or Spring will be forfeited.  There is no rollover after Spring semester.
  •  100% of all Neighborhood Plan funds remaining at the end of the first term (Fall) roll over to the second term (Spring). 
  • All dining locations are a'la carte; there are no all-you-care-to-eat dining venues.
  • Student meal plans are exclusive to on campus Dining Services locations, only. 
  • Student meal plans are eligible for use at all Flyer Enterprises locations: Artstreet Cafe', The Blend, The Blend Express, Heritage Coffee House, The Chill, Fly By and Stu's Landing. 
  • Student meal plans are loaded on the student's Flyer Card (student ID).
  • Students may load money onto Flyer Express to make purchases at participating vendors, both on & off campus.

Residence Hall Students:

Flexible or Standard Plan

Students residing in a traditional residence hall (Marycrest, Founders, Stuart, Virginia Kettering, or Marianist) are required to purchase a meal plan as there is no access to a kitchen for day-to-day use. Students may select the Standard Plan or the Flexible Plan.  Meal Plans may be used at all on- campus Dining Services & Flyer Enterprises joint venture locations.

UD Housing/Apartment or Commuter Students:

Neighborhood Plan

Students residing in the university apartment system, university housing or students that commute to campus may elect to purchase a Neighborhood Meal Plan *(usable in Dining Services locations only).  Students receive an a 10% discount on transactions at the register. The Neighborhood Plan operates on a declining balance and unlike the Flexible Plan, money can continuously be added to your Neighborhood Plan and billed to your student account.


Dining Services

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