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Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Mission: Procurement Services (also known as Purchasing) is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to all of our constituents, both internal and external.  We provide effective and efficient procurement processes for the acquisition of goods and services in support of University of Dayton.

General Procurement Responsibilities: The University considers the prudent expenditure of funds to be an important responsibility, and requires all persons having such authority to exercise good judgment in authorizing expenditures, regardless of the source of funds. All purchases must take into account the total lifecycle cost of an item; including the acquisition, usage, energy, maintenance/repair and disposal costs. All appliances, computers/electronics, equipment, heating/cooling, lighting, etc. must be ENERGY STAR Certified.  Further, those making purchasing decisions should be mindful of university commitments in areas including environmental impact, diversity and small business spending.  The Purchasing Department performs the purchasing function for all accounts and has the responsibility for all procurement for the University, with the exception of certain areas where specialized needs warrant specific delegation of purchasing authority. These areas consist of the Research Institute, Food Service, Health Center, Bookstore, Main Library and the Law Library. For all purchasing, including that by the excepted areas, the Purchasing Department has staff responsibility for the development of policies and procedures and obtaining appropriate approval thereof.


Procurement & Payable Services

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