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Terms and Conditions

FlyerCard Terms and Conditions

1.  FlyerCard:  The FlyerCard is the official photo identification card at the University of Dayton. Your FlyerCard must be presented for purchases using your FlyerCard account(s), admission to the RecPlex, library services, building access, and classroom attendance. Access to University facilities or cardholder’s account(s) may be denied if your account is suspended by the University, you deactivate your card, or if your card is damaged.

The card and your related account(s) are non-transferable. You are responsible for any use of your card.

Misuse: Cards presented by anyone other than the person pictured on the FlyerCard will be confiscated and returned to the Campus Card Services Office. The incident may result in disciplinary action, including civil and criminal penalties.

2. Lost/Stolen or Replacement Cards: A lost/stolen card may be reported 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, on-line at MY ACCOUNT and reporting the card "Lost".  During regular office hours reports may be made to the Campus Card Services Office at (937) 229-2456. After office hours, contact any Dining Service Manager or PublicSafety at (937) 229-2121.

The Cardholder is responsible for all use of their card prior to proper notification of a lost/stolen FlyerCard. A fee will be charged for replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged card. Only the latest card printed is valid. Replacement of a card when there is a change in the cardholder status or name is free; however, the old card must be presented in exchange.  The filing of a police report does not waive the replacement fee of a stolen card.

Immediately notify the Campus Card Services Office if your account transaction history as presented online HERE discloses unauthorized transfers. If you do not notify the Campus Card Services Office within sixty (60) days after the transfer was posted, you may be unable to recover the loss of funds if timely notification could have prevented the loss. The time limit for reporting unauthorized electronic fund transfers may be extended in the event of extenuating circumstances such as travel or hospitalization.

3. Card Services Office:

  Location :  Kennedy Union, Room 125

  Phone :  937-229-2456

  Hours : Mon-Thu 8:30am - 4:30pm, Fri 8:30am - 4:00pm (closed for campus holidays)


4. Flyer Express, A Flexible Spending Account: Flyer Express is an online, prepaid debit account that may be used to pay for purchases at participating on and off campus locations. All active students, staff, and faculty have a Flyer Express account with a starting balance of $0. Flyer Express accounts with a positive balance will remain open and will carry forward to the next semester or year for all registered students and active employees.

The FlyerCard is not a credit card. Under no circumstances may debits or charges to an account reduce the account balance below zero. Under no circumstance may the FlyerCard be used to obtain cash or cash advances.

Cardholders who elect to deposit funds into a Flyer Express account agree to be bound by the terms and conditions disclosed herein. The Flyer Express account will be administered by the Campus Card Services Office located in room 125 of Kennedy Union.

The Flyer Express account will be activated by making an initial deposit into the account. There are no fees to establish or use the account. No interest shall be paid on any balance in the account. You can add funds to your account in a number of ways:

  • GET Online – Credit or debit card
  • Office of Student Accounts – Cash or check
  • Card Services Office – Cash or credit card

Statements and Balance Information
The account holder’s current balance and thirty (30) days of transaction history is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day on-line HERE. Choose the tender for the transactions you wish to view.  Account balances are also displayed on the register at the end of a transaction, or balances may be obtained from the Campus Card Services Office in person or over the phone. The account holder agrees to verify the history of deposits and transactions on a monthly basis. A printed copy of the account holder’s transaction history may be requested at the Campus Card Services Office during normal working hours. 

Flyer Express accounts are not intended to simulate a checking or savings account, and therefore, refunds from your Flyer Express account may only be requested upon leaving the University and only if your Flyer Express balance is greater than $10. Students, who graduate, withdraw or are dismissed from the University with a balance greater than $10 in their Flyer Express account will have their balance transferred to their UD Student Account. Faculty and staff who leave the University and have a balance greater than $10 will have a check mailed to them.

The FlyerCard must be presented at the time of purchase and shall be the only means of accessing the participant’s account. If a lost or stolen card is deactivated as outlined above, the balance is protected and may be transferred to a new FlyerCard. A merchant may request additional identification to guarantee that only the participant uses the account.  Account holders may receive and may request a receipt at the time a purchase is made from any card reader operated by a cashier. Account holders will not receive a receipt from a card reader attached to a vending machine.

5. Errors/Disputes: Errors on receipts should be addressed with the business of origin. If the account holder is unable to resolve the dispute with the merchant, stop at the Campus Card Services Office in Kennedy Union Room 125, call 937-229-2456, or e-mail, no later than 60 days after an error has occurred. Provide the following information:

· Name and University ID number
· Description of the transaction in question and a clear explanation of the discrepancy
· Dollar amount of the transaction

The Campus Card Services Office will investigate the discrepancy. You will be notified of the results of our investigation within 45 business days after we hear from you. If the error is validated, the Campus Card Services Office will make the necessary adjustments.

6. Changes in Terms and Conditions: The University shall mail, email or deliver a written notice at least twenty-one (21) days before the effective date of any change in terms or conditions if the change would result in increased charges or increased liability for the account holder. The University reserves the right to implement an immediate change in terms or conditions when it is deemed necessary including but not limited to maintaining or restoring the security of an electronic transfer system or account.


Campus Card Services

Kennedy Union
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0611