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Experiential Learning Lab

For students looking to explore possible EL opportunities, reflect on past experiences, or hoping to connect with other students, we’re excited to offer our Experiential Learning Labs. Our peer-led, PATH-eligible labs connect students with EL Ambassadors who facilitate informative, reflective, and fun conversations. Participants will learn new ways to engage, meet peer leaders offering guidance and mentorship, and create a rich dialogue contributing to student success and a greater sense of community.

Discovery Lab

This lab takes students in their first and sophomore years through the many programs UD has to offer. Students will be given the chance to explore the many sides of experiential learning. Students will consider what experiential learning means to them before being guided through possibilities by an EL Ambassador. Our Ambassador will help students decide what opportunities meet their unique needs, provide support in pursuing them, and use tools such as Google Jamboard to help participants create a collaborative space to plan their journey. 

Roadmap Reflection Lab

This lab is designed for students in their junior and senior years who have already begun their EL journeys. Students will be guided by an EL Ambassador through a roadmap reflection of their nontraditional learning experiences at UD. Internships, research opportunities, and extracurricular activities alike all have deep impacts on students' education. The Roadmaps reflect an individual journey and destination meant to help students visualize the impact that EL has had on their journey. Students will then share these roadmaps with each other to better understand the multitude of ways that EL helps students of all backgrounds. 

Self Guided Lab
For students unable to attend our in-person sessions, we're offering a self-guided, asynchronous version of our EL Lab. Each student will sign up to receive access to a virtual synthesis of all the resources we offer during our in-person sessions, including a list of resources and ideas to help students achieve their goals, a reflection designed to encourage student success in EL, and opportunities to connect with EL Ambassadors to receive personalize peer-support.

Office of Experiential Learning

Roesch Library
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