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Experiential Learning Lab


Students often have multiple experiential learning (EL) experiences during their time at UD. How do these experiences link together and build upon each other? The EL Lab encourages students to think holistically about what they have learned and consider how learning in one area applies to another, in order to create stories that integrate and synthesize lessons learned from experiences.

Students will produce reflective narratives about their EL experiences using personal artifacts, digital media resources, and the guidance of peer advisors.

Interested students can sign up below. Faculty and staff who know of a student who may be interested in participating in this transformative workshop can also nominate a student.

We document student stories on our YouTube and social media pages, particularly through a video series called "What's the Word?" hosted by our Social Media Coordinator, senior Colleen Kelch. 

Lab Discussion Playlist:

Student Roadmap Examples:


The Office of Experiential Learning

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