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Faculty Voices

The Office of Experiential Learning works closely with faculty from all departments to provide students with opportunities to bring their education past the classroom doors. Listen as these faculty share their experiences. 

Experiential Learning Articles

Experiential Learning References

There are many EL References across literature. EL is integrated into many subjects such as Sustainability, Religious Studies, and more.

Guide for EL Practitioners

Want to create a high-impact experiential learning opportunity for students but not sure how? Want to know what students have learned as a result of an EL activity? View our guide below.

Diverse Pedagogical Approaches to Experiential Learning

Provides transdisciplinary case studies to support faculty, staff, and administrators in gaining a better understanding of the challenges behind building experiential learning programs. Features a unique assemblage of testimonies, anecdotes, reflections, case studies, and tips on how to effectively incorporate EL into students’ college educations.

Engaging with Vocation on Campus

Bringing together narratives and theory-based analyses of practice, this volume illustrates collaborative curricular and co-curricular approaches to promoting vocational discernment amongst students in a Catholic university setting.

Check out the OEL Podcast

This podcast series explores connections between experiential learning and diversity, equity, and inclusion, featuring University of Dayton campus experts in EL from areas including global and intercultural learning, engineering, and veterans services, among others.

Examples of EL Activities and More!

In this guide, some common examples of EL activities are highlighted using the PIRAA model (Velasquez, 2018), to help EL educators identify ways to implement high-impact EL in their courses and programs.

Different Forms of EL

This document outlines some of the main forms of experiential learning at the University of Dayton including community-engaged learning, student leadership programs, co-ops, practicums, faith and vocation immersions, education abroad/global and intercultural learning.

Faculty Interviews and What they said

In this article, the Director of Experiential Learning shares key insights from interviews with faculty and staff on how educators create innovative and diverse learning opportunities for students, and some of the challenges they experience doing experiential learning.


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