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Office of Experiential Learning

The Office of Experiential Learning supports educators in developing, implementing, promoting, and assessing diverse EL opportunities at the university. OEL also creates communities of practice by connecting colleagues who are engaged in EL. By creating venues for the UD community to reflect on and share their EL knowledge and expertise, OEL strives to continuously foster innovative, high-impact learning opportunities.

Mission and Vision

The Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) supports and promotes innovative, high-impact experiential learning (EL) across the University of Dayton (UD).  Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, OEL believes that all students at UD should have access to experiential learning as part of their UD Marianist education for the whole person- mind, hands, and heart.

Through collaboration with EL practitioners and educators at UD, OEL fosters mindfulness and intentionality around EL and its transformative potential for students. OEL supports faculty and staff as they help students articulate and synthesize the lessons they have learned through hands-on, applied learning, and they ways they will make use of this experiential knowledge to make an impact in the world.


  • Develop and support faculty, staff, and student communities of practice around our common mission and vision for experiential learning
  • Assist in the coordination, implementation, and communication of EL efforts at UD
  • Ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion for EL, so that students of all backgrounds and identities have the opportunity to engage in rich EL opportunities
  • Support student success- personally, academically, professionally, and vocationally- by increasing student engagement with quality EL
  • Provide models and resources for EL best-practices, including EL assessment, reflection, mentorship, and advising
  • Support student-driven learning and student-centered design of EL by listening to student voices and perspectives

Office of Experiential Learning

Roesch Library
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469