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Flexible Plan

The Flexible Plan provides complete flexibility in student dining, functioning as a debit account.  There are no meal periods tied to a clock or spending allowances associated with this plan.  With late night study sessions, most students do not get up for breakfast or eat meals at traditional times.  Many students also tend to eat smaller multiple meals during the day.  This plan allows the student the flexibility to eat whenever they want, as many times a day as they want and all purchases are deducted from their debit account.  

100% of all funds remaining at the end of the first term (Fall) roll over to the second term (Spring) to be used in addition to the newly purchased meal plan. 

The Flexible Plan costs $2,965 per semester with an $925 overhead fee. This fee has been set in place to allow for students to experience state-of-art dining venues on campus as well as afford students the ability to frequent venues all day. The student is given $2,040 to spend for the semester. Should these funds run out, the student may supplement by setting up a Neighborhood Plan

The Flexible Plan can be used at all Dining Services locations:

  • Au Bon Pain (Kennedy Union; 1st floor)
  • Kennedy Union Crossing ('Que, Spice, Toss)
  • Marycrest Dining
  • Virginia W. Kettering (Passports, The Grainary)
  • The Emporium (Marianist Hall)
  • Brown Street Bistro (Fitz Hall; 5th floor)
  • Riverview Cafe (Daniel J. Curran Place)
  • Rudy on the Run (Food truck; Humanities Plaza)
  • Stuart's Landing (Stuart Hall)
  • Fly By (Kennedy Union; ground floor)
  • The Chill (RecPlex)

*All locations are a'la carte; and all locations are cashless.

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