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Faith/Mission October 26, 2020
Vocation Perspectives: Elizabeth Montgomery
Elizabeth Montgomery shares her insight into the life-long journey of vocation and shares advice and tips for students who are struggling in their discernment process.
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Faith/Mission October 11, 2020
Vocation Perspectives: Dr. Elizabeth Mackay
Dr. Elizabeth Mackay joins the Vocation Implementation Team to share her ideas for vocationally inspired teaching and shares about her own journey towards finding her calling.
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Experiential Learning September 24, 2020
Vocation Perspectives: Lis Regula
Dr. Lis Regula shares a personal vocational journey, provides advice for students, and tells us a little bit about his chapter proposal for the VIT's upcoming publication.
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Experiential Learning September 08, 2020
Vocation Perspectives: Adrienne Ausdenmoore
Adrienne Ausdenmoore, the founding director of the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) is the first voice for our new blog series "Vocation Perspectives."
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Experiential Learning April 08, 2020
Why Vocation Still Matters Amidst a Pandemic
Amidst uncertainty and endless change, the VIT team encourages you to still prioritize your vocation!
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Sciences March 04, 2020
Pre-Med Workshop
Catch up with us! We recently completed a workshop with some Pre-Med students to help them map out their vocation journey.
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Career Development March 01, 2020
Aaron Witherspoon - Humans of UD
As the first post in our "Humans of UD" series, Aaron Witherspoon shares his insight into academic advising and his suggestions for students.
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Faith/Mission February 12, 2020
Welcome to Our Website
Welcome to our new Vocation Website! This blog walks you through how to take advantage of all of our wonderful online resources.
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Faith/Mission November 13, 2019
Voices of Vocation: Irene Dickey
In our inaugural "Voices of Vocation" interview, Irene Dickey, Marketing faculty in UD's School of Business, shares her vocation story.
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Faith/Mission September 15, 2019
A Question for the Final Exam and Beyond: What Is Your Calling?
At the University of Dayton, faculty and staff are exploring a question at the heart of the University’s mission: how can we help students discern their calling and develop lives of meaning, purpose, and joy?
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