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Vocation Perspectives: Lis Regula

By Anna Mumma

With a PhD in Biology from Kent State University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology from the Ohio State University, Dr. Lis Regula has worked on the integration of sustainability and human health, with a secondary focus on improving the ways we best communicate biological concepts. As a professor, he tries to draw from his own experience as a non-traditional student and a first generation college student. His efforts to connect with his students allows him to create a collaborative classroom and foster a supportive learning environment for his students. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Lis Regula on the chapter he submitted for the Vocation Implementation Team’s upcoming publication as well as on his own vocational journey. His chapter, focused on teaching anatomy, encourages classrooms to implement critical thinking and analysis more than rote memorization. To implement this change, Dr. Regula has been using 3D printing technology to allow students to gain additional skills outside of biology and anatomy. According to Dr. Regula, “it’s a way that [students] can help themselves learn anatomy” and furthermore, students can take that knowledge from 3D imagery and modeling to think about questions like “how do you further patient education” or “how do you further educate children in health?” Now, students have multiple avenues for their future careers from a simple change in class structure. 

Dr. Regula’s changes come from his own understanding of Vocation. Vocation for Dr. Regula is a calling. In his own journey, he started out his undergraduate career in early childhood education. However, thanks to advice from a professor as well as his own discernment, Dr. Regula was able to rediscover himself, and find his calling towards biology and biology research and education. With his personal experience regarding vocation, he has a fresh perspective for students and faculty and shares his ideas in this interview. 

Click here to access the transcript. 

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