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The University of Dayton’s efforts to build people, not just students, is found in its efforts to implement institutional learning such as vocation. Vocation, “answering a call to discover one’s unique gifts and employ them in service for the common good in ways that are personally satisfying and bring meaning to one’s life,” challenges students to seek more than classroom studies. Students must expand their ways of thinking, align their passions, and reflect on their goals for the future. Working collaboratively with faculty and students, the Vocation Implementation Team (VIT) is actively developing vocation resources and experiences for our UD community. 

Living in the 21st century of academia, the VIT has created a multimedia website for all parties to explore. On the home page, students and faculty will find a link to the Language of Vocation at UD, 2017 as well as information on our Vocation Workshops for 2019-2020. These workshops, and the University’s vocation document, inform visitors of the initiatives being made to implement institutional learning here at UD. Our workshops will inspire, inform, and refocus students on their own callings and passions to help them succeed here in classes as well as in the professional realm. 

The tab titled “About Vocation at UD” leads users to the Vocation Implementation Team roster for the 2019-2020 academic year. The video placed at the top of the page presents different UD faculty and their explanation of vocation in their lives with links below to the University’s documents on vocation and institutional goals. The VIT, with four subcommittees; First-Year Experience, Innovation, Mini-Grants and Retreats, is designed to bring to light the importance of vocation in a student’s experience and to inspire new resources to be implemented for the benefit of the community. 

These resources are found under “Vocation Resources for Faculty and Staff” and include exercises, worksheets, videos, books, etc. for any user to explore. The tab titled “Vocation Mini-Grants” leads users to the outline and application information needed for someone interested in receiving a grant to support the design and development of programs, activities, and events both inside and beyond the classroom. The incredible awardees of previous years are highlighted below with explanations of their projects and recognition of their hard work. 

Implementing vocation into UD’s curriculum is important to the VIT and therefore, has its own tab titled “Vocation in Curriculum” where users can find examples of vocation courses, learning outcomes, and opportunities for experiential learning. And finally, the tab titled “Vocation Stories” is where users can find blog posts made by the VIT. These blogs, made to inspire, inform, and update the UD community will serve as a constant reminder of the important work VIT is doing everyday. 

We, the Vocation Implementation Team hope you find our website informative, inspiring, and helpful as you continue to explore your own vocation. We are happy to have you! 

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