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April 03, 2020
Connecting Science to Human Rights
In times of pandemic and crises, the intersection of science and human rights become increasingly visible and urgent. Learn about the lasting impact of experiential learning at this intersection from two of our student interns, who share their insights from the 2019 AAAS Conference in Washington, D.C.
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Human Rights March 23, 2020
Human Rights Dimensions of COVID-19
While the COVID-19 situation changes daily, we wanted to share our reflections on the human rights implications of this pandemic, which are multi-faceted and may prove far-reaching, as well as provide updates on HRC projects and initiatives impacted by this coronavirus.
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Human Rights March 19, 2020
Human Rights and COVID-19 in Italy Today
The HRC's senior researcher, Alexandra Budabin, resides in Italy where the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in high infection rates and death rates, severe restrictions on public life and extreme stress on the country’s health care system. She provides insight into the human rights dimension of the crisis in Italy.
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Human Rights March 13, 2020
Promoting Wellbeing and Resiliency in the Face of Trauma
Many people who work on human rights face direct or indirect trauma and stress. This exposure can negatively impact the health and well-being of advocates, making burnout a reality. While the world reacts to the current spread of COVID-19, it is crucial to promote healing and wellbeing, and provide guidance on building resilience in the face of trauma.
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Human Rights March 06, 2020
The Women’s Movement at UD Over the Decades

As we lead up to International Women’s Day, learn more about the evolution of the women’s movement at UD through the archival research of HRC intern, Hannah Kratofil and Alexandra Michalski.

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Human Rights February 28, 2020
Interested in international development work? Take time to examine your power and privilege.
As a development practitioner who is passionate about gender justice, Alyssa Bovell (’14) discusses how to become committed to understanding your power and privilege for those interested in pursuing a career in international development. This year, Alyssa visited the HRC to engage in meaningful dialogue with HRC students around this topic.
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Human Rights February 21, 2020
Dayton-area Filmmakers Win Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature
This week on the blog, join us in celebrating Dayton’s Human Rights storytellers.
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Human Rights February 07, 2020
In the News | Six Months On: Gun Violence Forum
On February 4, University of Dayton students and faculty, local community members and gun violence experts came together in remembrance of the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso. The event memorialized victims of gun violence and brought together city officials and activists to engage in conversation on ending this human rights issue.
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Human Rights January 31, 2020
Our Summer Researching the Use of Restraint and Seclusion in Ohio Schools Post
Every child has the right to be in a safe school environment. This summer, Carly Hube and Emily Mosca researched restraint and seclusion practices in Dayton and Columbus, Ohio, and how educational professionals are making sure their students are safe.
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Human Rights January 27, 2020
Is it ethical to show Holocaust images?
Dr. Paul Morrow, a scholar of mass atrocity, reflects on the use of Holocaust imagery; To engage thoughtfully with reports of atrocities happening today, one must look at photos of past crimes.
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