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Human Rights February 26, 2021
Interview With HRC Postdoc Paul Morrow On Mass Atrocities and Advocacy
HRC Postdoc, Paul Morrow, discusses his research in his latest book, how advocacy can prevent further mass atrocities, and touches on his next project looking at images of atrocity in an interview with HRC Senior Researcher Alexandra Budabin.
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Human Rights February 03, 2021
My Priorities for Reviving Human Rights in 2021

In 2020, the United States endured widespread devastation resulting from mass social unrest, a public health crisis, and increasing economic uncertainty. HRC intern Sierra Johnson asks: How will President-elect Biden guarantee human rights in the United States while managing current crises plaguing our nation?

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Human Rights January 27, 2021
Honoring Romero Award Winner Juan Guzmán Tapia, 1939-2021

We honor the life of Juan Guzmán Tapia, a fearless human rights advocate for justice in Chile, who was awarded the Romero Human Rights Award from the University of Dayton in 2005.

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Human Rights January 22, 2021
Veterans and the January 6th Insurrection Attempt
Veteran Benjamin Schrader explores the reasons behind the substantial involvement of military veterans at the attempted insurrection at the Capitol this month, providing insights into trends in the militarization of US society.
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Human Rights January 12, 2021
Take Action Against the Surge in Federal Executions
The reinstatement of the federal death penalty by the Trump Administration violates fundamental human rights and contradicts Catholic teachings. Find out here how you can raise your voice in opposition to executions taking place this week.
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Human Rights January 07, 2021
US Capitol Assault Demands Recommitment to Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy
In our statement on the events at US Capitol on January 6th, 2021, we reflect on our foundational commitment to human rights as part of a Catholic, Marianist institution in the great state of Ohio, US.
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Human Rights December 17, 2020
Being Open to Change
Fourth-year Human Rights Studies (HRS) student Jared Marsh reflects on his unusual journey at the University of Dayton which helped him find his passion and purpose. After a study abroad to India researching the impacts of the climate crisis, Jared transitioned from Mechanical Engineering to HRS and joined UD’s Human Rights Center as a student intern.
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Human Rights December 10, 2020
Human Rights Day Migrant Vigil and the Pandemic
This Human Rights Day, the pandemic has halted the Human Rights Center’s vigil in solidarity for migrants and asylum seekers in front of the Butler County U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention Center. While commemorating and honoring migrants and refugees looks different in 2020, the struggles they face do not.
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Human Rights December 03, 2020
Making Lemonade: How COVID-19 Restrictions Led to the Creation of Traffic Talk
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Facing restrictions on gatherings due to the pandemic, the Abolition Ohio team developed a successful virtual dialogue series to continue to ensure collaboration and networking across the anti-trafficking community in the Miami Valley.
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Human Rights November 24, 2020
16 Days: The Global Fight to End Gender-Based Violence
The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is the longest-running campaign to end violence against women. Read on to learn how you can join in the worldwide movement to end gender-based violence.
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