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July 30, 2021
Interview With HRC Senior Research Alexandra Budabin on Celebrity Human Rights Advocacy

HRC Senior Researcher Alexandra Budabin discusses her new book on the advantages and disadvantages of celebrity engagement in human rights advocacy with HRC Postdoc Paul Morrow.

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Human Rights July 15, 2021
A Conversation with the Keeper of King’s Legacy
A current UD student speaks with a distinguished alumna about her career in museums and human rights advocacy.
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Human Rights June 17, 2021
Lessons from Perspectives from the Ground

 A HRC event, Israel-Palestine in Crisis: Perspectives from the Ground, provided context and witnesses’ testimony to the recent crisis. HRC intern, Sarah Behnke, shares what she learned from the event about the consequences of colonialism in Israel-Palestine and around the world.

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Human Rights June 10, 2021
A Glimpse into Our Internships with Cristosal

Over the Spring 2021 semester, four students worked with Cristosal, a non-governmental organization promoting human rights in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. They highlight their experiences working with the organization and the impact it had on their lives.

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Human Rights May 27, 2021
Allying for Disability Rights as Human Rights

Human rights are universal, meaning they need to be protected for every person, everywhere. Upper-level Human Rights Studies students unpack the intersection of disability rights and human rights as a whole in the context of their work with a grassroots nonprofit committed to empowering women living with disabilities in Rwanda.

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Human Rights May 20, 2021
Podcasts: Looking at a Living Wage in Dayton as Economic Rights

This spring, HRC intern Ahmi’ Moore and classmates in Introduction to Human Rights produced a podcast exploring economic and human rights in Dayton, Ohio. The podcast features interviews with former Dayton City Commissioner and a UD economics professor on the current economic disparities faced by Dayton citizens and possible solutions. 

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Human Rights May 17, 2021
What we learned from our human rights research at Counterpart International
HRC Counterpart International interns Anna Beebe and Maggie Weaver share their experiences working on human rights issues facing Bangladesh and El Salvador.
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Human Rights May 06, 2021
Interview with HRC Faculty Fellow Heather MacLachlan on Music and Human Rights Advocacy

HRC Faculty Fellow, Heather MacLachlan, discusses her research on ethnomusicology and the role of music in political movements and human rights advocacy in an interview with HRC Postdoc Paul Morrow.

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Human Rights April 28, 2021
Human Rights Through A Gender Lens

Anna Beebe was the HRC Intern at Counterpart International Bangladesh during the 2020-21 school year. As part of her experience, Anna wrote a blog about gender and its connection to Counterpart's Promoting Advocacy and Rights project, which works to create more sustainable and equitable communities in Bangladesh. 


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Human Rights April 19, 2021
Environmental justice award winner: 'We have the right to live in a territory that for us is sacred'

On April 20, Aura Lolita Chávez Ixcaquic, leader of the Council of Ki'che' Peoples, which helps preserve indigenous lands against corporate exploitation in Guatemala, will receive the University of Dayton Romero Human Rights Award. Learn more about Lolita and her work in this interview with the National Catholic Reporter, Earth Beat. 

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