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Human Rights October 17, 2019
Technology and the Second Wave of Social and Political Movements
Cali Anne Cleaves, a University of Dayton law student, shares insights from global social activist and academic Zeynep Tufekci’s Social Practice of Human Rights 2019 keynote address on technology’s role in the Hong Kong protests and the future of contemporary social movements.
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Human Rights October 07, 2019
My Summer as a Business and Human Rights Resource Centre Intern
Ryan Scott, a University of Dayton undergraduate student, reflects on his experience as the UD Human Rights Center's first intern with the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre in New York City.
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Human Rights September 25, 2019
Trump scorns United Nations as tensions with Iran flare over Saudi oil attacks
Trump addresses Iran in his recent speech to the UN General Assembly, but his lack of a call for a response to recent attacks breaks with presidential history. This article was originally published on The Conversation.
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Human Rights September 16, 2019
My Year in the Warm Heart: Reflections from a Malawi Graduate Fellow
Lauren Durnwald, a Graduate Assistant at the Human Rights Center, reflects on her year long journey in Malawi, Africa.
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Human Rights September 06, 2019
Difficult History, Divided Memories

The 50th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s death coincides with the launch of the Vietnam Legacies Project at the Human Rights Center. 

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Human Rights July 22, 2019
Anchoring Peace, Justice and Inclusion

A group of UD International Studies majors lead by Dr. Christopher Agnew, Director of the International Studies Program and associate professor in the Department of History, and Shelley Inglis, Executive Director of the Human Rights Center, supported research for the Global Alliance’s report," Enabling the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda Through SDG 16+: Anchoring Peace, Justice and Inclusion."

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Human Rights July 12, 2019
Towards a New Future: Perspectives from the Standing Rock Reservation
In May of 2019, a group of students from the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, the ETHOS Center, and the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity organization participated in a service-learning trip to the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota.
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Human Rights July 01, 2019
Spring 2019 Highlights
The Human Rights Center focuses on human rights research and advocacy--both globally and within the U.S. The spotlight reviews our Spring 2019 activities, programming and research updates.
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Human Rights June 26, 2019
SPHR 2019 Keynote Speakers
Social Practice of Human Rights 2019 convenes to address high risks threats that present themselves with unprecedented urgency. Each day includes a keynote address, a plenary, a mix of concurrent sessions, art exhibits and performances, and a forward-thinking workshop led by JustLabs and OpenGlobalRights. Keynote speakers include Opal Tometi, Zeynep Tufekci, and Anand Giridharadas
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Human Rights June 17, 2019
University of Dayton Hosts First Midwest Institute on Ethical Community-University Partnerships
University of Dayton hosted the first ever Midwest Institute with 50 attendees from across the university and the region.
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