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Let's Talk Human Rights

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Human Rights November 24, 2020
16 Days: The Global Fight to End Gender-Based Violence
The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is the longest-running campaign to end violence against women. Read on to learn how you can join in the worldwide movement to end gender-based violence.
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Human Rights November 20, 2020
A Reflection on Counterpart International's Global Ambassador Speaker Series
A detailed look at the Global Ambassador virtual session on Climate Resiliency in Northern Hispaniola.
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Human Rights November 11, 2020
Remembering Kristallnacht in 2020

November 9-10 mark the 82nd anniversary of Kristallnacht, a mass atrocity recognized by most historians as “the night the Holocaust began.” Executive Director of the HRC and human rights practitioner, Shelley Inglis, reflects on the meaning of Kristallnacht in the present context of the United States, bringing light to the need for individual agency in the face of injustice.

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Human Rights November 02, 2020
Five Lessons Learned from the 2020 Election Speaker Series

HRC intern, Kyle Brun, outlines some key takeaways from the Human Rights Center’s virtual Election Series organized with the School of Law. The series consisted of eight sessions that covered a range of challenges to U.S. democracy including voter suppression, campaign finance, technology, race and gender, and redistricting or gerrymandering.

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Human Rights October 27, 2020
Severed families, raided workplaces and a climate of fear: Assessing Trump’s immigration crackdown

Trump made three anti-immigration pledges in 2016: ban Muslims, build a wall and enforce all immigration laws. Four years on, a migration scholar examines his record – and its effect on the country.

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Human Rights October 16, 2020
What’s new in Anti-Trafficking? Takeways from the 17th Annual Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference

The 17th annual Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference hosted by the University of Toledo presented ample opportunity to explore rising trends inanti-trafficking. HRC team members share three takeaways from the conference.

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Human Rights September 30, 2020
Coffee Spotlight Series
Most students need coffee to get through the trials of higher education. How can you satisfy your daily craving while promoting sustainable and ethical consumption? In honor of National Coffee Day here are six exquisite coffee brands around Dayton that you should be enjoying!
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Human Rights September 28, 2020
El Mozote: "Peace is the Product of Justice and Love"
The Human Rights Center highlights the importance of the work of its 2019 Romero Award winners and calls for accountability in the ground-breaking human rights case, El Mozote in El Salvador.
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Human Rights September 10, 2020
Ferguson Voices: Building a High School Curriculum
Students Corey Rinella and Megan McCarren join the Human Rights Center team to adapt the Moral Courage Project's Ferguson Voices into a versatile curriculum for grades 9-12. Our goal is to provide an accessible and flexible learning platform for high school students grounded in the open sharing and discussion of our identities, experiences, and biases.
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Human Rights September 07, 2020
Uncovering a Legacy: A Reflection on the History of Peace at UD

The Vietnam Legacies Project explores the impact of the war on UD’s campus. Here, HRC student intern Katie Schreyer shares highlights from her work on this project, including archival finds and interviews with Vietnam-era alumni.

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