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Human Rights May 06, 2021
Interview with HRC Faculty Fellow Heather MacLachlan on Music and Human Rights Advocacy

HRC Faculty Fellow, Heather MacLachlan, discusses her research on ethnomusicology and the role of music in political movements and human rights advocacy in an interview with HRC Postdoc Paul Morrow.

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Human Rights April 28, 2021
Human Rights Through A Gender Lens

Anna Beebe was the HRC Intern at Counterpart International Bangladesh during the 2020-21 school year. As part of her experience, Anna wrote a blog about gender and its connection to Counterpart's Promoting Advocacy and Rights project, which works to create more sustainable and equitable communities in Bangladesh. 


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Human Rights April 19, 2021
Environmental justice award winner: 'We have the right to live in a territory that for us is sacred'

On April 20, Aura Lolita Chávez Ixcaquic, leader of the Council of Ki'che' Peoples, which helps preserve indigenous lands against corporate exploitation in Guatemala, will receive the University of Dayton Romero Human Rights Award. Learn more about Lolita and her work in this interview with the National Catholic Reporter, Earth Beat. 

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Human Rights March 26, 2021
Lessons Learned From 9to5: The Story of A Movement, on How to Generate a Human Rights-Based Social Movement
In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Human Rights Center co-hosted a screening of the new documentary 9to5 by local Oscar-winning filmmakers Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar. Law students Heiela Salhieh and Salha El-Shwehdi attended the event, and they share lessons learned from the film on how to make a human rights-based social movement.
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Human Rights March 19, 2021
On the Atlanta Shooting and Anti-Asian, Misogynist Hate
The Human Rights Center joins the multitude of voices in condemning the mass shooting in Atlanta this week, as well as other episodes of hate targeting members of Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities.
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Human Rights March 09, 2021
HRC Interns Reflect On Human Rights Week Events
Although Human Rights Week has passed, its messages and lessons still resonate. HRC interns Eric, Sarah, and DeAlbert share their reflections from events they attended during this impactful week.
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Human Rights February 26, 2021
Interview With HRC Postdoc Paul Morrow On Mass Atrocities and Advocacy
HRC Postdoc, Paul Morrow, discusses his research in his latest book, how advocacy can prevent further mass atrocities, and touches on his next project looking at images of atrocity in an interview with HRC Senior Researcher Alexandra Budabin.
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Human Rights February 03, 2021
My Priorities for Reviving Human Rights in 2021

In 2020, the United States endured widespread devastation resulting from mass social unrest, a public health crisis, and increasing economic uncertainty. HRC intern Sierra Johnson asks: How will President-elect Biden guarantee human rights in the United States while managing current crises plaguing our nation?

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Human Rights January 27, 2021
Honoring Romero Award Winner Juan Guzmán Tapia, 1939-2021

We honor the life of Juan Guzmán Tapia, a fearless human rights advocate for justice in Chile, who was awarded the Romero Human Rights Award from the University of Dayton in 2005.

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Human Rights January 22, 2021
Veterans and the January 6th Insurrection Attempt
Veteran Benjamin Schrader explores the reasons behind the substantial involvement of military veterans at the attempted insurrection at the Capitol this month, providing insights into trends in the militarization of US society.
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