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Human Rights October 16, 2020
What’s new in Anti-Trafficking? Takeways from the 17th Annual Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference

The 17th annual Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference hosted by the University of Toledo presented ample opportunity to explore rising trends inanti-trafficking. HRC team members share three takeaways from the conference.

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Human Rights September 30, 2020
Coffee Spotlight Series
Most students need coffee to get through the trials of higher education. How can you satisfy your daily craving while promoting sustainable and ethical consumption? In honor of National Coffee Day here are six exquisite coffee brands around Dayton that you should be enjoying!
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Human Rights September 28, 2020
El Mozote: "Peace is the Product of Justice and Love"
The Human Rights Center highlights the importance of the work of its 2019 Romero Award winners and calls for accountability in the ground-breaking human rights case, El Mozote in El Salvador.
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Human Rights September 10, 2020
Ferguson Voices: Building a High School Curriculum
Students Corey Rinella and Megan McCarren join the Human Rights Center team to adapt the Moral Courage Project's Ferguson Voices into a versatile curriculum for grades 9-12. Our goal is to provide an accessible and flexible learning platform for high school students grounded in the open sharing and discussion of our identities, experiences, and biases.
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Human Rights September 07, 2020
Uncovering a Legacy: A Reflection on the History of Peace at UD

The Vietnam Legacies Project explores the impact of the war on UD’s campus. Here, HRC student intern Katie Schreyer shares highlights from her work on this project, including archival finds and interviews with Vietnam-era alumni.

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Human Rights September 03, 2020
In Memory of Jill Parker
In dedication to Jill Parker, we remember her through personal stories, examples of her work, and reflections on her life cut too short.
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Human Rights August 28, 2020
Conscious Consumerism: Shopping ethically in the time of COVID-19
Looking to be a more conscious consumer in our modern shopping industry dominated by online consumption? HRC student interns offer insights, tips and tricks on how to practice ethical shopping by learning more about your favorite brands and shopping small and local.
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Human Rights August 18, 2020
“The Policy Wall:” The covert creation of barriers in U.S. immigration policies

Drawing upon court observations conducted just after the height of the family separation crisis, UDSL alumna Sara French recounts her time along the U.S.-Mexico border and the injustices she observed in immigration court. In this blog post, she argues that the U.S. government has built a policy wall  by  slowly and successfully dismantling the immigration system in the United States, violating international human rights law.

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Human Rights August 04, 2020
From Tragedy to Advocacy: Facing Gun Violence in Our Community
One year after Dayton’s mass shooting, the Human Rights Center and the Center for Social Concern ask what steps have been taken to address gun violence and what more needs to be done. We caution readers that this piece contains content related to gun violence and suicide.
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Human Rights August 03, 2020
Our Response to the Draft Report of the Commission on Unalienable Rights

As a human rights center at a Catholic, Marianist University, we look to the insights of our theologians for a Catholic social teaching perspective on some of the most concerning conclusions of the Draft Report of the Commission on Unalienable Rights.

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