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Hanley Sustainability Institute

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Sustainability September 01, 2021
Hanley Sustainability Institute to hire four part-time strategic priority directors; interested parties can contact HSI
The Hanley Sustainability Institute is looking to expand its leadership team through the appointment of four part-time directors and encourages interested faculty and staff to consider these positions. Potential candidates are encouraged to reach out to HSI Executive Director Ben McCall ( to schedule an informal discussion to explore the possibilities. Potential candidates are also encouraged to consult with their supervisors or department chairs before submitting an expression of interest.
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Sustainability August 24, 2021
Former student’s podcast series recounts history of sustainability evolution at University of Dayton
University of Dayton graduate Sophia Palmer, a December 2020 UD grad who majored in mechanical engineering and earned a sustainability minor, developed a special four-part series that detailed four eras of how HSI and UD's sustainability program got to where it is and hinted at its future. The series starts with events beginning around 1985 and journeys through the decades after that led to a new strategic plan and the academic program offering four tracks in a major and a graduate certificate.
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Sustainability August 18, 2021
UD email address users get free registration to 2021 GCSHE; UD leading 4 presentations

As a host institution, the University of Dayton is able to receive unlimited free registration to October’s virtual Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education. Those with email addresses can register here and should use the promotional code DAYTON30JUN21. The conference, Oct. 12-14, offers three days of live content, keynote speakers, presenters and networking, plus 80 days of on-demand access through Dec. 31, 2021 for anyone with UD email addresses.

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Sustainability July 06, 2021
Podcasts produced locally focus on regenerative agricultural issues
Two podcasts produced locally address regenerative, agricultural and other sustainability challenges. Alive with Cristina Redko, a Wright State University associate professor, features ways to “disseminate ideas about regenerative practices.” Recent episodes of Alive address hydration in California, soil health as public health and planting trees. Grounded Hope pairs podcast director Renee Wilde with people at the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions and Agraria. The series introduces “the people of Ohio to the past, present and future of Ohio agriculture."
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Sustainability June 30, 2021
HSI staffers’ paper explores Caribbean Islands’ potential use of ocean thermal energy conversion

Two University of Dayton sustainability experts worked on a paper on ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) highlighted in a Climate Analytics blog post. University of Dayton professor Bob Brecha and three others wrote the paper that addressed Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of the Caribbean islands, the potential for near-coastal deep-water as a resource for OTEC, and an estimate of where OTEC could be advantageous. One of the other authors is Katie Schoenenberger, until recently the director of student engagement at the Hanley Sustainability Institute.

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Sustainability June 25, 2021
EPA’s Environmental Justice Academy at UD in September; applications being accepted

Applications are being accepted for Ohio’s first Environmental Justice Academy, a training program developed for emerging community, non-profit and environmental leaders to help cultivate skills and address environmental challenges. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) are hosting the event Sept. 10-11 at the University of Dayton.

Applications (two per entity only) must be submitted by July 7 to Participants must be based in Darke, Preble, Montgomery, Miami, Greene or northern Warren counties. More information is available at

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Sustainability June 24, 2021
Brecha book review: Shellenberger’s 'Apocalypse Never' doesn’t offer constructive proposals for solutions
Michael Shellenberger's recent book Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All, shows disdain for any renewable energy outside of nuclear and rips into vegans and vegetarians. He uses outdated data to try to make some of his points and is much more concerned with setting up strawmen based on the most exaggerated arguments about sustainability issues and tearing these down. He does not offer constructive proposals.
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Sustainability June 04, 2021
Brecha book review: Gates’ 'How to Avoid a Climate Disaster' a worthy offering, but overlooks the power of renewables
Bill Gates' book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, gives some insights into the climate change issue but he doesn't give enough emphasis to the need for dramatic changes to consumption patterns in wealthy countries, writes the University of Dayton's Robert Brecha.
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Sustainability June 03, 2021
Shea’s research award led students’ many contributions to Hanley Sustainability Institute’s 2018-2020 Impact Report
The 46-page Hanley Sustainability Institute 2018-2020 impact report released in the first quarter of 2021 includes dozens of student-led projects and initiatives that built upon the ideals set forth when George ’77 and Amanda Hanley’s gift of $12.5 million established HSI in 2014. One of those impacts was the research paper on the cost of carbon neutrality at UD by Ryan Shea '18 that won a sustainability research award.
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Sustainability April 27, 2021
First four Hanley Sustainability Institute graduate fellows have diverse backgrounds

The University of Dayton’s Hanley Sustainability Institute has named the first four HSI graduate fellowship recipients. The new program, which will start next academic year, was launched to attract high-quality students with an interest in sustainability to work on research projects mentored by a faculty member and other complementary programmatic efforts within HSI.

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