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Faculty March 09, 2021
What Is The Hidden Curriculum?
". . . More often, though, hidden curriculums grow so large because the lessons that they teach become background noise in the busyness of university life. Teaching methods, communication styles, networking skills, and even assessment strategies can all become assumed pieces of the academic experience which can easily derail the success of those who aren’t aware of them.
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Faculty February 15, 2021
Check-In: The Power of Asking How You're Doing
We know that even just the smallest acts of hands and heart can help students push through their challenges. At the end of the Fall 2020 semester, we asked students, "What is the most helpful thing instructors have done to help you learn?" The answer was pretty resounding: instructors showed that they cared. Find a way to check-in with your students this semester - it could make the difference.
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Faculty February 11, 2021
Reflections on the Learning and Teaching Forum

I finally did it. I watched every recording from the 2021 Learning and Teaching Forum. And I have to say, I’m so glad I did. There wasn’t one session I watched where I didn’t learn something new.

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Faculty February 04, 2021
Common Uses of Commons in Isidore
The Commons widget on the course homepage is a great spot for students to interact with each other - but it often doesn't get used. In this post are a few examples and use cases for the Commons tool, and some suggestions on how to get students to use it. 
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Faculty January 04, 2021
Make the First Day of Class One That Inspires Your Students
Did you know you began preparing for the semester's first day of class years ago? It began when you found your passion for the course's topic and your field of study. Do you still have that spark? If you answered yes, then get ready to share it. This article is all about having a great first day of classes. 
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Faculty January 03, 2021
Overcoming Zoom Doom, Doldrums, and Blahs: Engagement Strategies for Virtual Class Meetings
We’ve all experienced the feeling of “Zoom Doom”, whether we’re attending a class session, conference presentation, meeting, or family get-together. While Zoom is an amazing collaboration tool, it can fall short if engagement strategies aren’t incorporated into class meetings. Continue reading for some ideas and techniques to help you and your learners stay engaged throughout the semester.
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Faculty January 02, 2021
Staring into the Zoom Mirror: Solving the Empty Office Hour Problem
There's something especially frustrating and exhausting about sitting in an empty Zoom room waiting for folks to drop-in. But, this is the reality for many instructors conducting office hours during the pandemic. In this article, I posit a few theories as to why the Zoom void feels worse and suggest a few ways to make Zoom office hours more beneficial for you and your students.
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Faculty January 01, 2021
Planning For the First Two Weeks Online in Spring 2021
The most important time in ANY semester is the beginning. As the instructor, you get one shot at that critical first impression. One shot to set the initial tone. Whether the semester is standard... or a little weird. Here are three steps we suggest for getting started this spring.
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Faculty December 30, 2020
What We Learned from the Fall 2020 Student Online Learning Survey: Themes and Take-aways
The Office of eLearning delivered an optional survey for students at the end of the fall semester aimed at learning more about their experiences online and in the blended environment. The goal of this article is to provide a quick preview of the major themes that surfaced from four questions in hopes that it will be helpful as you prepare for the spring term and build on what you did in 2020.
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Faculty December 28, 2020
Bring Your Pet to Class Day
In Dr. Steve Wilhoit's Honors Writing Seminar this past semester, students write a final essay about their life goals. As part of the writing process, students workshop their writing together, which requires sharing this personal information. During a typical semester, Dr. Wilhoit has no trouble establishing the camaraderie required for students to trust each other, but how can this be accomplished with students split between online and in-person learning? In this post, Dr. Wilhoit explains how "Bring Your Pet to Class" day helped bridge this divde.
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