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In the News: July 25, 2016

By Michael Duricy


Read recent items about Mary in both Catholic and secular news. Also see International Marian Research Institute news and updates.

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Mary in the Catholic Press

Mary in the Secular Press

Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute Features


Personnel News

Nancy Gerhard has replaced Clare Jones in the position of Administrative Assistant and Office Coordinator at the International Marian Research Institute and the Marian Library. We are very happy that Nancy has accepted this new position with the University of Dayton libraries, and we congratulate her on this. She started work in this position of July 1, 2016.

Also, Brother John Habjan, S.M., will be volunteering at the Marian Library front desk on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

Mary in Media: Books, Films, Music, etc.

A very  comprehensive book on the rosary is now available! Endorsed by the Master General of the Dominicans, four cardinals, and more than thirty bishops, Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon is the perfect book for the upcoming centennial anniversary of the Fatima apparitions.

Order today at or by calling the Marian Helpers Center in Stockbridge, MA (1-800-462-7426).

From the Marian Treasure Chest

Brother John M. Samaha, S.M., sent us the text below with the following comments: "Why Mary?  This excerpt from Devotion to Mary by Father Emile Neubert, S.M., explains why."

Once we have understood that the Son of God willed to make this creature His Mother, the true Mother of God, whom He loves beyond all other creatures put together, that He willed to let the Incarnation … and our eternal life or death depend on her consent; that He willed to associate her in His redemptive mission, in the distribution of all grace, in the conversion, the sanctification and the eternal salvation of all souls until the end of time; that He willed His Mother to be our Mother, a Mother infinitely more mother than any other mother--then we begin to understand that we should give immensely greater place in our lives to her devotion than heretofore; that  we ought to involve the Blessed Virgin in all our thoughts, all our feelings, all our decisions and in all the activities of our supernatural life.  And if we try to live these new perspectives … we will be astonished, stupefied, at the transformation that this intimacy with Mary works in our relationship with God and with our neighbor.


Marian Events

Fifth Sunday Rosary Program

Date: Sunday, July 31, 2016

Time: After the 11 am Mass

Location: Saint Albert the Great Catholic Parish, 3033 Far Hills Avenue, Kettering, OH 45429

Hosted by the Knights of Columbus

All in attendance will be given a rosary finger ring and prayer card. The Knights will pray the rosary with those in attandance.


Mary in the Catholic Press

Mercy in Art: Jubilee Itinerary Among Masterpieces of Great Italian Artists from Zenit July 21, 2016

From May 31 to November 27, 2016, Rome's Capitoline Museums are housing an exhibition titled "Mercy in Art: Jubilee Itinerary among the Masterpieces of Great Italian Artists," organized by the European Center for Tourism and Culture, on the occasion of the Jubilee proclaimed by the Holy Father, with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Goods and of Cultural Activities and Tourism.

The subject of mercy, which in fact is at the heart of Christian thought, has been the object of many works of art, from paintings to sculptures, from miniatures to incisions, which, on one hand, represent Our Lady of Mercy, namely the Virgin who gathers the Christian people under her mantle, as a mother that protects, defends and helps her children and, on the other, the Works of Corporal Mercy, which Christ enunciated (Saint Matthew's Gospel 25:35-36) and which a good Christian must carry out.

Therefore, the exhibit displays several artistic testimonies dedicated to the subject of Mercy, subdividing the display in two sections:

Our Lady of Mercy

The name Mater Misericordiae is very ancient; it goes back, probably, to the fifth and sixth centuries, when she was so addressed in a sermon of writer Giacomo di Sarug. The iconography--in which the Virgin appears standing with a large mantle, under which she gathers the People of God--originated in Tuscany and in Lazio in the High Middle Ages and spread widely between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The most famous work on this subject is the Polyptych of Mercy of Piero della Francesca, which is in the Borgo San Sepolcro, but many have been the artists that have portrayed her, from Simone Martini to Lippo Memmi, from Bartolomeo Caporali to Pietro Perugino. Also today, in a recent homily, Pope Francis invited people to reflect on a medieval icon of the Virgin, Our Lady of Mercy, and to pray "in these times of spiritual turbulence, hatred and persecution," in which she defends and helps us.

In this section, a small nucleus of paintings testifies to the great diffusion the subject had, and pointed out among them is a painting of Niccolo Alunno, from the Pinacoteca Comunale of Assisi, a table from the end of the fifteenth century of the Diocesan Museum of Orte, a canvas of Jacopo Zanguidi, said Il Bertoja of the National Gallery of Parma....

Click here to read the complete article.


Mary in the Secular Press

The director and editors of All About Mary under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature. Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

Knock Shrine story coming to cinemas next month (RTE) July 24, 2016

The filmmakers behind the award-winning Glasnevin Cemetery documentary One Million Dubliners are to release a new film about the Knock Shrine next month.

Strange Occurrences in a small Irish village opens in cinemas on Friday, August 26, 2016 and looks at Knock and the history of its Marian Shrine through the lives of locals and visitors. Over one-million people make the pilgrimage to Knock each year. 

Directed by Aoife Kelleher, who was also behind the lens for One Million Dubliners, the film takes its title from press coverage of the August 1879 apparition reported at Knock....

Click here to read the complete article.

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