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A Poem for Easter

April is Poetry Month. The All About Mary website is full of Marian poems. We will showcase a new poem each week during the month of April. This week we celebrate Jesus' Resurrection with a beautiful poem from the Easter Poetry page.


Christ is risen! Lift the song
Of our Easter gladness;
With the bright triumphant throng
Cast away all sadness,
Springtide flowers tell us how
We must leave the sighing,
As we pass the sorrow now
Of our earthly dying.

Lo, the Marys in the gloom
Weeping, bowed with sorrow,
Little dreaming at the Tomb
What their joy tomorrow
Whom they sought the Lord they found
Now no more in sadness;
Where did woe and grief abound
There He brought the gladness!

Lo, that eve in sorrow went
Two disciples walking,
All their mind on Jesus bent,
Of His Passion talking
Till a Stranger on the road
To those hearts now burning,
Told of suffering here for God
Into Glory turning!

Lo, the Apostles met in fear
That same sorrow bearing
Till the Master came to hear
They His grief were sharing
And through doors fast closed,
once dead,
He appeared, who ever,
Loved them to the end, He said,
And would leave them never.

Lo, in all our sorrow here,
Often deep repining,
Through all doubt and darksome fear
Easter sun is shining
Wherefore now on things above
Set we our affection
Know the power of Jesus' Love
By His Resurrection!

Gladsome birds, fresh breezes tell
With the sunny weather
That dear Creed we love so well,
"All things rise together,"--
So the angels joyfully
Taught the wondrous story,--
"Christ is risen! To Galilee
Go and preach His Glory!"

– Doane, M.C. The Book of Easter. Norwood, Mass., USA: Norwood Press, 1910.

– Ann Zlotnik, Graphic Designer/Webmaster

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