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Institute for Pastoral Initiatives News

A fond farewell and a warm welcome

The Institute for Pastoral Initiatives (IPI) is pleased to announce changes in our team.

After two decades of dedicated service at UD (seven with IPI), our accounting and budget manager, Angela Hall, has decided to retire. For the past seven years, Angela has kept IPI's finances in expert order. She's now ready for a new chapter in her life, spending more time with her husband, Tim, family and friends, and enjoying her seven grandchildren.

Angela has been an invaluable member of the IPI family. We'll miss Angela's keen financial insight, bright smile and wry sense of humor. We wish her a long, joyful retirement filled with new adventures.

Now, we welcome Lutfullamin Hashimi (Hashimi) as IPI's new accounting and budget manager. Hashimi brings a wealth of financial experience to IPI. He previously managed bank finances, taught economics at American University and also served as a financial analyst and interpreter at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan before emigrating with his family to the U.S. in 2021.

In his free time, Hashimi enjoys martial arts and spending time with his wife and three children. Hashimi says he is excited to join the IPI team and is thankful for the opportunity. We can't wait for Hashimi to bring his passion, expertise and unique perspective to IPI.

This transition represents both a fond farewell and a warm welcome. We will miss Angela, and we're happy to have Hashimi on board. We pray that Angela and Hashimi enjoy and thrive in their new life roles.

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