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Faith/Mission May 20, 2022
Military families keep the faith through online classes with UD's VLCFF
E-learning connects the military with a virtual community through the university's Institute for Pastoral Initiatives.
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Campus and Community May 10, 2022
I found family here
A graduate reflects on why she chose UD and spent four years working.
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April 29, 2022
The Power of Pause
There is power in our awareness that our choices do, in fact, make a difference in our life.
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April 20, 2022
Empowering our youth to have faith
Young people focusing on the future of the Catholic Church.
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April 04, 2022
Online classes a blessing for busy lifestyles
Anytime, anywhere, asynchronous learning allows adult students much needed flexibility
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Faith/Mission April 01, 2022
A Pacific partner dealing with disaster
Tonga's plans for online learning with university delayed after volcanic eruption
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Students and Campus Life March 31, 2022
Saturday class a lesson in Faith
No matter the discipline, students prepare for their calling.
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Faith/Mission March 08, 2022
Praying for Peace during Lent
Prayer, fasting and almsgiving take on a new meaning this Lent.
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Faith/Mission March 07, 2022
Marianist Priest brings expertise to Virtual Community
Fr. Paul Fitzpatrick joins online faith formation program
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Faith/Mission February 08, 2022
Success Stories of Faith Online
The University of Dayton VLCFF brings faith to people, and people to faith.
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