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Campus and Community March 09, 2021
One year later: Coping with COVID

Students open up about coping with COVID.

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Continuing Education February 26, 2021
High praise for UD's global online program
Find out how you can join a global network of online learners
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Campus and Community February 01, 2021
Advancing your Faith during COVID

There's always something new to learn about your faith.

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Faith/Mission January 04, 2021
2020: A year to remember
We will never forget what happened in 2020.
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Faith/Mission November 04, 2020
Thanks for the Memories

Memories of UD's past, shared and not forgotten.

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Faith/Mission October 02, 2020
A Saturday Class for the Common Good

Why are UD students taking a class on Saturday?

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Continuing Education August 17, 2020
Making Caribbean connections through online learning
As a 75-year old single mother can attest, there's still time for lifelong learning.
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Continuing Education July 16, 2020
Through Prayer, Faith overcomes Fear
Coping with COVID-19 through prayer and online courses.
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Campus and Community May 01, 2020
Lessons Learned from COVID-19
Lessons learned from teaching virtually during COVID-19
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Faith/Mission April 24, 2020
Praying Psalms during COVID-19
Finding inner peace and solace in our lives through prayer.
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