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IPI begins new collaboration with Caribbean TV station

Ever since its inception, the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives has always celebrated and pursued global connections. From installing the first satellite system on campus to 1998 when the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation was established, IPI has always been at the forefront of finding new methods of teaching Church, no matter where people are. This progressive approach to learning is still at the heart of IPI’s mission and culture to this day. To that effect, IPI is proud to announce a new collaborative partnership with Living Water Community and Trinity TV based out of Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago.

Through this collaboration, a new Caribbean cable TV program is being launched on Trinity Catholic Network (TCN) titled “Ethos.” 

“Ethos addresses characteristics of our Catholic Culture, inviting guests to speak about critical issues of the Church, which help us to broaden our perspectives and reimagine our faith in the 21st century,” says Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, Director of IPI.

So far, three episodes have been produced with the sponsorship of IPI and the University of Dayton. Covering broad topics that have global implications for the Church and its members, each episode aims to create a dialogue between guest speakers. Guests so far have included Dr. Bill Portier (Religious Studies), Noelle Collis DeVito (Campus Ministry), Martha Saurine (UD Alumni and Carroll High School teacher) and Christopher Pitstick (UD Alumni and Chaminade Scholar). These speakers, along with VLCFF facilitators and staff, bring a wealth of insight and expertise to the program. Each of these episodes can be viewed through the links below and on the VLCFF website.

  1. Spiritual Conversations in a Digital Age
  2. Artificial Intelligence and the Art of Being Human
  3. Going, Going Gone: Disaffiliation of Young Catholics from the Church

While Trinity TV is based in the Caribbean, its audience is global. TCN broadcasts to all Caribbean countries, and viewers in the United States, Canada, and beyond can watch using internet streaming. Trinity TV station manager Lisa Bhajan, a longtime friend of IPI, had this to say about the new collaboration.

“Trinity TV is the only Catholic television station of its kind in the region. During the pandemic, we received feedback from viewers across the globe saying that Trinity TV was their lifeline and that this is where they tune in to learn about their faith. We recognize that our audience is no longer only local and so our collaboration with UD and the wealth of experience and wisdom of the faculty, professors, and graduates from this prominent Catholic research University, brings a wider perspective to current topics that affect us globally.”

IPI continues its legacy of global connections by partnering with Living Water Community and launching the "Ethos" program on Trinity Catholic Network (TCN). This collaborative initiative addresses critical issues of the Church, inviting guests to broaden their perspectives and reimagine faith in the 21st century. With the sponsorship of IPI and the University of Dayton, three thought-provoking episodes have been produced, covering topics with global implications for the Church. Trinity TV's diverse audience, spanning the Caribbean and beyond, can access these episodes through internet streaming. This partnership brings together the wisdom and experiences of UD's esteemed faculty, professors, and graduates, providing a broader perspective on current global topics. Stay connected and join us on this transformative journey.

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